Why industries still use dyne pens for accuracy?


The companies needing to measure the surface tension have been using dyne pens for years. Many applications include lamination, coating, and printing that benefits economically throughout the year today. There are many reasons for the usage of dyne pens that is still available in the market. The test pens, when used on a surface, can form either small droplets or the continuous film as a trail. Even using dyne pens is as simple as walking. The accuracy level of the product is also enhanced that provides a better solution to the clients.

The estimation of plastic surface treatment in the production environment of several companies is easier while using dyne liquids. Many such benefits ensure that the pens are worth a try for the industries today.

Dye pens are easy to use 

This is the primary benefit an entrepreneur can get by using dyne pens appropriately over the surface tension of a particular product. Primarily, however, the individuals are advised to read the safety data sheet before doing anything else. There are four steps involved that the industries usually used for testing and measurement aspects. In the first step, the individuals are advised to choose a dyne pen being lower than the metal or product surface being used as a test sample. We are likely to press the tip of the pen firmly over the surface until it is saturated with fluid. An individual is supposed to draw the pen in three parallel lines over the surface being 100mm long. The evaluation is done on the third pass since the first two are just used for flushing the pen. We just have to further evaluate the process by repeating the first two steps of saturation and drawing of lines until accuracy is confirmed. Once we get the result, we can determine whether the surface is appropriate or not.

Professionals can find accurate results

An individual can get actual results within almost 3 seconds by drawing three parallel lines on the substrate. We just have to see the result show up. The measurement is usually taken in mN/m or Dyne/cm. The industries use this product as a unique opportunity to acquire accuracy. However, the aspect of accurate results also depends on the individual user. For instance, if higher wettability dyne pens are used with an opposite substrate, the result might not be as reliable as we think. For long-term and stable results, we ought to match the substrates with the dyne pen level.

Benefits of dyne liquid

Dyne liquid is ultimate is the most potent weapon for plastic surfaces treatment. This liquid is available in the range between 30 to 70 mN/m. The individual companies usually get this product for ultimate use in the form of disposable pens.

Structure of dyne pen 

We won’t have to face the fact of fluid test contamination because of using dyne pen. The valve tip in the construction of the pen usually ensures that the liquid inside would not be contaminated as well. It ensures that the accuracy of results is maintained without any compromise. There are also reviews that the pen is structured in such a way to avoid any further chemical leakage. Chemical leakage can mess up the accuracy of the results of the substrate. Other than that, we can also use these pens in any number of surfaces at once. The dyne pens also have another benefit of producing low evaporation that can give accurate results.


Ice-equipment.com provides high-quality dyne pens at affordable rates just for the industries today. We would be able to measure the right level of treatment of the substrate used as a sample. The structure of dyne pens and the liquid inside can ensure to provide better results.

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