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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Why do travel agencies think Travel API integration is important?

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It takes a lot of time to build a travel booking engine. Therefore, travel agencies use third party Travel API integration in order to save time. With the help of Travel API, they can easily search and book fares from multiple integrated suppliers.

GDSs are not preferred by travel companies that have a limited budget. By integrating third-party Travel API, these companies can bring the latest features to their booking portal such as access to the best deals for flights, hotels, and holiday packages and other great features at a much lower cost compared to a GDS.

A single Travel API can eliminate the need for multiple API integrations from different suppliers. This will also help improve search response times.

The improved faster access to both local and international travel deals through the Travel API increases overall bookings.

If you are a travel start-up and want to expand your business with access to a larger product inventory, you will need to sign direct contracts with various suppliers.however, with a single Travel API you can gain access to the best travel content from standard suppliers without the headache of signing all those contracts.

The Benefits of a B2B Travel API for Travel Agents

  • Simplified search and book experience
  • Managing agents in the back office
  • Managing bookings
  • In-depth analytics
  • Managing and mapping destinations
  • Complete control over user management
  • Standardized API integration
  • The energy of your whole framework readily available
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