Why Car Checkup is Needed with Change of Season


If you are wondering why at all you need to bother about your car with the changing of seasons, we are here to explain you why.  In the first place, we need to explain why we chose such a topic to write upon. Plainly it is sharing with all the car owners our first-hand experiences that we have gathered by NOT doing the needful with our cars in the events of season changes.

Needless to say, that we ended up paying a huge amount to the repair shop, for which we were least prepared, and the team of mechanics serving there at Prescott Chevrolet dealer showroom, explained us how a timely maintenance could have saved us this money.

Car Components Affected by Seasonal Changes

Every vehicle is built with a combination of several components, most of which react to the seasonal conditions in respect to the materials they are made of with. Some of them will react more when the climatic conditions fluctuate. As a result, the performance of the cars gets affected while some can even result to non-functionality of certain major elements.

To name a few car components that react significantly to change of weather conditions are engine oil, tires, batteries and to some extent the engine itself. These components change their properties in direct response to the atmospheric temperatures. So, you need to check out these components thoroughly before they start melting with heat, freeze by cold, contract or expand with the change of temperatures.

Driving Conditions Affected by Seasonal Changes

You also need to prepare your car to face all the odds that a climatic change can throw at it. You need to make your car ready before it starts pouring heavily, before the roads get blocked either by water or by snow, for the temperature to rise high, and before the roads get slippery. This will not only help your car condition stay stable, but also will protect your family and loved ones from accidents caused by natural forces.

What to Check

Now that you know the  importance of checking your car before the seasons start changing drastically, we would focus on the issues you need to be careful about.

Under the Hood Parts

The major part that can get affected by the seasonal changes are under the hood. So you need to pop that up and check for the timing belts, if they are tight and if the fluids are brimming to their optimum level. To make sure, that everything is fine, it is recommendable to get a car service checkup done by a professional and nothing could be better if you change the oil if not done recently.

Exterior Parts

Checking all the exterior body parts both the surface and undercarriage becomes necessary, as you need to know, if any part is already wearing off, so that things just don’t go beyond control, especially if a rainy season is ahead.

It should also include the headlights, windshield, rear view mirrors and tires, so that good visibility is maintained as well as you do not lose control on the vehicle even while driving through waterlogged areas or heavy snow, added an expert of the Prescott Chevrolet service center.

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