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Why Are Flavoured E-Cigarettes Being Banned?

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E-cigarettes have become popular with time. Smoking enthusiasts have found the e-cigs to be a better alternative than combustible cigarettes. Some of the benefits that they have noted include the fact that they do not have to deal with smelly ashtrays, hide to smoke, and spend a lot of buying packets of cigarettes anymore. E-cigarettes have proved to be a more presentable option. They come with flavors which makes their experience even more enjoyable.

However, there is something peculiar that has been happening. Flavored e-cigarettes are being banned: they’re already banned in Michigan. Here are the reasons why it is being banned.

  1. It is promoting usage of e-cigarettes among teens

Vaping by itself is not really appealing. This is the reason why most people have not tried it out in the first place. However, flavored e-cigarettes have changed everything. Teens are getting attracted to the flavor and making them indulge. Also, there have been people struggling with smoking addiction. Flavored e-cigarettes are making it easy for them to fall back into bad habits. This is one of the reasons why authorities are focused on removing flavored cigarettes from the stores: away from the reach of young populations.

  1. They contain toxic substances

Various studies done to establish the ingredients of the flavors have found that harmful chemicals are used. To make matters worse, they have been found to be carcinogenic. It is believed that flavored e-cigarettes are behind the outbreak of a mysterious lung disease that claimed the lives of more than 450 people in the US. Health institutions are concerned about the safety of the people who use flavored cigarettes. Solve the problem; health officials have requested the removal of the products from the market.

  1. Flavored e-cigarettes contain illegal substances

In the same tests done by health officials, they discovered that the flavored products contained extreme amounts of cannabinoids and THC. The combination of vaping mixtures and THC has been found to be a cause for the mysterious health illness. THC is also illegal in certain states and may pose health issues and addiction to users.

The ban on flavored e-cigarettes is being effected on the ground of keeping the people safe. The outbreak of a lung disease that led to the death of hundreds of people has been linked to the product. Also, it has been seen to encourage people to use cigarettes instead of discouraging the destructive habit.

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