Who’s At Fault for Accidents on Poorly Maintained Roads in Winter?


Nearly everyone waits for the winter season as one can enjoy snow falling. This must be a pleasing moment but winter contains a lot of disadvantages as well. You can enjoy the snow, throwing snow to one and other but what when you’ve to go to work? Unfortunately, driving becomes the biggest hurdle in the winter season!

In winter, conditions of the road become worse and it is really difficult for driving from home to work. We have to be careful while driving on the roads in winter. The fact is that stats of nation shows, hundreds of accidents occur in a winter season. The accident always leads to worst injuries to the person. It also causes damages to your car and leaves a person with empty pockets.

It is a responsibility of government and contract firms to clear roads. The fact is that many contractors have less ice removal tools and techniques. These contractors have to clear the road at once after a snowstorm. This is only reason our roads are less safe in winter.

Who’s responsible if an accident occurs due to poor maintenance of road?

We all know that if an accident happens due to the negligence of someone else then you’re eligible to file a claim. This claim will help you to recover your expenses associated with road traffic accident. the compensation also helps you to receive money required for medical treatment. In some scenarios, private contractors are responsible for poor maintenance of the road.

The court has found that municipalities can be held responsible for poor maintenance of roads. Plaintiff has to show that accident happens due to the negligence of municipalities. Take help from Personal injury solicitor Preston to make a claim against an organization. Solicitors are the one that helps you to prove your evidence in court. They will fight for their clients and helps to get successful compensation.

Safety tips for the winter season:

It is really impossible for a driver to control hazards on road but something they can do. You have to drive a car in a proper manner to make sure accident never happens again. Here are some of the tips available for drivers in the winter season:

  • You have to make sure battery and lights of the car are working properly. It is better to clear your windows from fogs and your gas tank is at least half full. You have to look towards a condition of tires and replace them in a winter season.
  • It is also good to keep winter survival toolkit within your car. This includes a shovel, booster cables, extra clothing, snacks and a flashlight.
  • Never use your mobile phone while driving but keeping it full charge is key. It is better to have another battery of mobile phone to contact in case of emergency.
  • Allow extra space between other vehicles and make a focus on roads. it is really difficult to drive in winter season but attention will help you.
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