Who Is the Best Supplier of LMI Pumps?


LMI chemical metering pumps for water treatment are an integral part of any industrial environment utilizing pressurized water. If you aren’t familiar with buying a metering pump, then it can lead down a confusing and time consuming road. There are a ton of providers that sell LMI pumps, but one of the best LMI pumps suppliers is undoubtedly IndustrialZone. Here we have a wide variety of industrial pumps available and their easy ordering system cuts down on the hassle that you might face with other LMI pumps suppliers.

One of the hardest parts of ordering a water treatment pump knows exactly what kind of pump you need. That’s why IndustrialZone has ten different varieties of pumps manufactured by LMI for you to choose from. The wide variety and hearty craftsmanship means you can get exactly what you need with no guesswork. Even if you work in a hazardous environment, you can get a pump that will stand up to whatever you throw at it.

For instance, the LMI Series E7 Explosion Proof Electronic Metering Pump is specifically designed to be used in a high-risk environment. This series of pump is totally encapsulated, keeping them protected from both moisture and corrosive substances. The speed on this series of pump can be controlled by either electronic input or milliamp input offering you unparalleled control over your LMI pump. For another example, let’s look at the LMI Series G Motor Driven Metering Pump. These are a trusted piece by experts in many types of plants. They are a diaphragm metering pump controlled by a mechanical actuator, which has a high output motor that can pump over one-thousand liters of water per hour. The motors used in this series are also highly efficient, so you don’t have to worry about heat buildup. Like most of IndustrialZone’s pump offerings, the LMI E7 series comes with a ton of options and model variants, meaning you can get the exact kind you need with no hassle at all.

One of the best examples of LMI pumps that we, at IndustrialZone, have to offer is the LMI Roytonic Series A Chemical Metering Pump. Just to give you an idea of the kind of variety that IndustrialZone has available, this specific pump has exactly seven-hundred and twelve pages of variations and model numbers. If you have an old pump that needs replacing, chances are that IndustrialZone has a multitude of options to help you replace that obsolete pump. This specific electronically driven pump comes with a ton of convenient and safe features like an on/off switch, locking cover, and a stroke indicator light. There are also five separate control options with this particular series of pump. The Series A has AutoPrime liquid technology, which continuously purifies trapped air from the process liquids. This series of pump is an all-around great example of why IndustrialZone is one of the best LMI pumps suppliers today. The variance in inventory and international shipping means that anyone can get the exact pump that they need, no matter what.

If you have any questions or comments, IndustrialZone encourages you to contact us on our website or by speaking to one of our helpful representatives by phone at (713-395-1508). You can also take advantage of incredible savings when buying in bulk and free shipping on orders over three-hundred dollars. Working in a plant or warehouse can be an incredibly tough job, but ordering the parts that you need shouldn’t be. Let the professional suppliers here at IndustrialZone take care of that part of your job, so you can focus on the real tough stuff.

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