What Would Happen If A Presenter Announced The Wrong Winner At The Oscars?


An inquisitive piece of Oscar legend began on March 29, 1993, when Marisa Tomei was delegated Best Supporting Actress for “My Cousin Vinny.” The next year, The Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly printed gossipy tidbits that moderator Jack Palance had declared the wrong name ― an apparently valid plausibility given Tomei’s unforeseen triumph (she hadn’t earned a Golden Globe assignment, and “My Cousin Vinny” wasn’t regular Oscar admission). These whispers were exposed at the same time, however the harm was finished. As Gawker noted in a 2015 review about the show, this charged setback continues as Oscar mythology.

There’s no unmistakable motivation to trust Tomei wasn’t the legitimate champion. PricewaterhouseCoopers, the bookkeeping firm that organizes Oscar tallies, utilizes careful balanced governance to guarantee no oversights are made. Be that as it may, the Tomei grub brings up a substantial issue: What might happen if a mistaken champ is reported amid the broadcast? Possibly a moderator peruses a name from the elevated monitor rather than the envelope (which Palance as far as anyone knows did), or perhaps somebody chooses to coronate their own particular victor.

PwC has convention ought to such a glitch happen. Heading into Oscar night, just two individuals know the champs list: Brian Cullinan and Martha Ruiz, who manage the tallying systems. They’re the folder case holders who walk celebrity main street consistently and frequently show up sooner or later amid the show.

The count includes enough “redundancies” to guarantee exactness, as does the stuffing of the envelopes. “It’s him checking me and me checking him, and we do it different circumstances against each other to ensure that when we leave and are eventually giving the envelopes to somebody, we’re exceptionally sure they’re getting the correct envelopes and the substance in them are exact,” Ruiz said.

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