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What to Expect When Preparing for a Deposition

Being caught up in legal proceedings is never a fun situation to be in. No matter what your involvement in a case may be, you are probably not looking forward to being part of the proceedings. Not only can lawsuits take months or sometimes even years to be resolved, but processes involved in court proceedings can also be stressful and tedious.

One of the things that you will need to be prepared for when you are involved in a legal matter is that of being deposed. A deposition can be an overwhelming experience for some people, especially when they have never been deposed before. Moreover, if the subject matter surrounding the case that you are caught up in is particularly significant to you, you might very well feel emotional at the thought of being questioned about it.

Making it through a deposition will entail quite a bit of preparation on your end. Knowing what is ahead can make the process a bit more bearable as well. With that in mind, here are a few elements that you can expect from your forthcoming deposition.

The People Who Will Be Present

When you are preparing to be deposed, it can be comforting to know who will be in the room and who you can expect to see. You don’t have to worry about testifying in the presence of a judge at this time as, generally speaking, court reporters are the ones who administer the oath and record the proceedings during depositions.

Your own legal counsel will, of course, be present, as you should never answer questions regarding the case without your attorney there. Your lawyer might also choose to have an expert witness in the room if the subject matter surrounding the case is particularly technical. Such a person can help advise you if things become convoluted or confused during questioning.

The opposition’s legal counsel will also be there. This is the person or people who will be conducting the line of questioning. While it isn’t always the case that a witness from the opposition’s side is present, you should be prepared for that to be the case. By and large, these are the only people who will be present for your deposition.

The Location

Because a deposition is conducted outside of a court, you won’t necessarily have to go down to the courthouse to be deposed. This might be the case if there is no other appropriate location for it to take place, but, typically, a deposition is conducted elsewhere.

Your attorney might ask for the deposition to take place at his or her own law offices, or the opposition might request that the line of questioning be conducted at their own offices. Depending on the situation at hand, it might be the case that your deposition is held at your own place of work.

Since you will know ahead of time where your deposition will take place, you can better prepare yourself mentally for the experience. Make sure to consult with your legal team in advance so that you can be ready for the line of questioning that will be put to you.

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