What Spring birthday month says about your health


Birthdays are really one of the most special days a person can have in their life. There are lots of people around the world who organize lots of things to make their birthday most special. It is really eager to know which month tells about your health and luck. So in this article, you will get lots of information about the Spring birthday May to say about your Health.

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Spring season is considered as one of the most beautiful seasons as compared to winter or summer. In this season the environment looks fresh and greener. There are lots of flowers being grown in this season. So in this season, you will even get lots of varieties of flowers which will even help you to make a perfect birthday bouquet.

There are lots of things which are unknown to every person. The month when the birthday is held always has lots of specific things. Which some people believe and some do not. But then also it is always said that this thing can affect your life. So the followings are some of the things which the Spring Birthday says about your health and they are:


There is always seen that the babies who are born in the spring or autumn are really very much optimistic. When they will be grown into an adult. In other words Optimistic generally means the positive person. According to the research also it is being found that the childs who are born in the spring season are extremely very much positive. They have a positive mind, positive talking and positive dream. Connecting with these types of people will always give lots of motivation among people. Apart from this thing, there is also research done in which it has been even noted that the people who are born in the spring season tend to have depressive temperament.

Lower risk of Asthma

It has always been said that Spring Season is really one of the most comfortable seasons. In this season the born babies are really very much healthy and they have less tendency to suffer from the problem of Asthma. According to the research, it has always been that the child who is born in the summer season. Tends to have more problems with Asthma. This all is just due to high heat and high humidity. So if anyone has the birthday in the month of the Spring season then give them the perfect birthday flowers and this season is also great for the anniversary flowers.

Tends to have less problem with ADHD

AHAD can be commonly seen in old people. So AHAD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. In this disorder, people lose their mental ability and attention. So if the baby is born in the Spring season then they will be less exposed to this type of disorder. In a study, it has been always noted that the people born in the month of November and December tend to have more effects on ADHD. In the other world, you can even tell that the person born in the month of Spring season then their mentality will be very much strong.

Tends to have a higher risk of heart disease

Apart from all the good health for the babies born in the month of Spring season. There is one disadvantage for the babies born in Spring and that is that they will have a higher risk of heart disease. This heart disease is especially for the babies who are born in the month of March. Not only one heart disease but there are several heart diseases that are reported in babies born in the Spring.

They are a night owl

The babies who are born in the month of Spring seasons tend to sleep less at night. So in other words, you can even tell that they are the night owls. They are not at all suffering from the problem of insomnia; they just have the habit of not sleeping at night.

Apart from all these health-related things, the Spring season is really very beautiful and in this season you will always get the best flowers like roses. If you want to send flowers to India there are online florists which provide same day flower delivery across India.

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