What is Overlanding? All you Need to Know


The term ‘overlanding’ is seen and heard everywhere, especially online, as people discuss the many aspects of this exciting new pastime, and in this article, we take a look at overlanding and what it entails. The definition of ‘overlanding’ is self-reliant travel to remote areas, with the journey being the goal rather than the destination, with transportation that ranges from bicycles to motorhomes and everything in between.


Overlanding incorporates either sleeping under the stars or in the vehicle for the entire duration of the expedition, which could last for months and involve crossing many borders. If you are serious about getting into overlanding, check out the new Land Rover Defender at Nene Overland, a leading UK dealer and customiser of overland vehicles. It is essential that you have the right vehicle and with customisation, you can kit the vehicle out as you wish and there are many options when customising a Land Rover. The tents you can buy online are all top quality and come in all shapes and sizes; some utilise the vehicle, which does make sense and choosing a known brand is recommended.

Planning & Preparation

Heading off into a remote region demands detailed planning and preparation; there are no shops where you’re going and creating lists is the first stage. Of course, you must research your route, as much as possible, as you need to know all about the terrain and road conditions (if there are roads). Then there is the matter of visas, which can be done online and it will involve showing vehicle insurance in most cases. This is not something to overlook; you don’t want your expedition ended at a frontier post, with local immigration refusing entry, so do make sure you have all the paperwork you need to be able to drive the vehicle to your planned destination. Click here for some tips on buying new tires for your car.

Aspects to Consider

When planning an overland expedition, the following require some thought,

  • Availability of water
  • Availability of fuel
  • Route
  • Climate & temperatures
  • Food & provisions
  • Vehicle condition – List of spares to include.
  • Safety – Are there dangerous regions where solo travel is not advised?
  • Inventory – A list of items you are taking.
  • Navigation

Vehicle Add-Ons

There are many add-ons and accessories to enhance an overland adventure, including:

  • Roof rack
  • Trailer
  • Jerry cans for fuel & water
  • LED Spotlights
  • Electric winch

If you would like to view new and used overlanding vehicles, search online for the nearest Land Rover dealership, where you can inspect a wide range of custom vehicles that are suitable for overlanding. The vehicle is the most important asset of all and therefore you need transport that is designed for the terrain you are planning to traverse.

The UK summer is almost upon us, which is the perfect time to plan an overland expedition and with the right vehicle and preparation, you are ready for the journey of a lifetime. Now that we are no longer in the EU, you will have to check for entry requirements if you plan on going to mainland Europe, plus foreigners staying in the UK might also have issues.

Overlanding is an adventure in itself and once you have your Land Rover Defender, you are ready to explore remote regions and enjoy some epic adventures.

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