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What is Organic Cannabis?

Finding great organic cannabis can be difficult as many companies are adding flavors, preservatives, and other chemicals to their cannabis blends. There are some cannabis growers out there however, like Lowell Farms, that still grow truly organic cannabis in sustainable ways so that the final product is as pure as possible.

What is Organic Cannabis?

Cannabis can be grown nearly anywhere, but that does not mean that it should be. Cannabis has natural qualities that make it take in the compounds that are in the soil it is growing in. This means that if your soil is high in certain metals, contaminants, and other hard chemicals, the cannabis you grow in it is also likely to have these elements in the final product. Similarly, cannabis will take in pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals that are sprayed on them therefore potentially tainting the final product.

Organic cannabis is cannabis that has been grown in clean soil without the help of pesticides or other chemicals so it is pure and clean and delivers the best high possible without all the added chemicals that can alter the final product and alter the genetic makeup of the cannabis. This type of cannabis is free of additives, free of chemicals and free of those extras that might make your cannabis less than pure.

Lowell Farms Organic Cannabis

Lowell Farms offers a range of products that are made with their organic and sustainably grown cannabis. They make the best pre-rolls, cannabis oil, and they do deliver to the California area. Lowell Farms has some truly amazing products and they do have all the most popular types of cannabis including Indica, Satvia and hybrid blends. Their pre-rolls are made from the flower only, no trimmings and they are rolled with natural ingredients and packaged in recyclable glass tubes.

They also offer cold pressed, virgin cannabis oil that is pure, clean, and delivers the best high possible. Their vape oils are clean and clear and are great for any vape pen or vape products. Lowell Farms stands by their dedication to growing the best cannabis and creating products that are going to be safe, effective, and enjoyable for all their customers no matter what.

The First Cannabis Café

Lowell Farms is also the proud owner and operator of the first and only cannabis café in the state of California and in the country. This completely legal café offers an amazing kitchen that is run by the renowned chef, Andrea Drummer, as well as a cannabis free dining room and a cannabis lounge where you can smoke, enjoy cannabis edibles, and can even enjoy food from the kitchen.

The innovative design of the café has drawn the attention of patrons that are your average cannabis consumer as well as famous patrons like Miley Cyrus and Halsey. Some menu items include a fried chicken sandwich with kale and Brussel slaw, a dab bar where you can get more potent strains, and a sampler that includes items like milk and cereal ice cream sandwiches, beignets, s’mores and more. The menu is meant to be innovative and fun at the same time and to open up your senses to some wonderful new tastes.

Lowell Farms is rapidly expanding and is now in more dispensaries and stores than ever before. They also deliver which makes buying their organic cannabis product easier and safer than ever before. The right organic cannabis is right around the corner and Lowell Farms is proud to provide even the most discerning tastes with the best, highest quality, and most flavorful organic cannabis on the market today.


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