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Forensic Engineering is the branch of Engineering that is responsible for investigating the causes that have triggered a certain event and the consequences produced, from which some kind of civil or criminal liability can be derived.

Its applications are varied and can range from the investigation of the most probable cause of a catastrophic failure in an industrial equipment to the determination of the causes of delay in the construction of a certain infrastructure.

Depending on the nature of the event to be fire and explosion investigation services, the analysis and research methodologies and tools may be different, (e.g. root cause analysis to determine the most likely cause of a device failure or critical path analysis to determine the events that have delayed the construction of an infrastructure), but all of them lead to the justified identification of the cause or causes that have caused the analyzed event, as well as the consequences derived from said event.

What is Forensic Damage Assessment?

From the consequences produced by the event of a given event, it is possible to perform the economic quantification of these consequences that, in general, have been harmful or harmful to one of the parties involved.

This forensic damage assessment is based on the conclusions reached as a result of performing technical analyzes and, applying economic and / or financial techniques, economically quantifies the damage caused to each of the affected parties.

In this way, knowing the consequences of the failure of a certain industrial equipment, it is possible to assess the damage caused by loss of productivity, repair costs of the equipment, damage to other adjacent equipment, etc… or can get help from experts of Origin and Cause Inc “fire and explosion investigation services” provider.

Similarly, knowing the consequences of the delays that have occurred in the construction of an infrastructure, it is possible to assess the extra-costs derived from such delays as a consequence, for example, of the extension of the human, material and financial resources destined to the execution of said works.

What is an Independent Expert?

It is a person specialized in a certain field of Engineering who, using his professional experience together with the techniques of Forensic Engineering and the valuation of damages and applying them to a set of objective evidence, is able to rule on the occurrence of a certain event, determining its causes and consequences.

This opinion can be made available to a Judge or Arbitrator so that it can draw its own conclusions regarding the occurrence of an event and thus determine the responsibilities that may arise, as well as the economic valuation of the damages caused by the event considered.

In “Origin and Cause Inc Forensic” we can help you in these scenarios from the highest excellence, objectivity, independence and qualification. If you want to know us better, visit our website www.origin-and-cause.com and hire our experts.

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