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What Is a Coronary Angiogram?

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Do you have heart problems? If so, you may need to have diagnoses made with one or more various machines. Certain procedures may need to be followed as well with respect to obtaining an accurate diagnosis. The coronary arteries are designed to supply the heart with blood. If they end up getting clogged, they may have a buildup of cholesterol or other substances such as plaque. If a clot happens to form, it will block the blood flow, which will trigger a heart attack.

If you live in Thailand and want to check your heart condition or you have high cholesterol, you may need to take a test or a coronary angiogram in Bangkok. This test will help the doctor see where the arteries may have narrowed or may be blocked. By using this test, a doctor can see if he or she needs to perform a treatment such as an angioplasty, artery bypass surgery, or some similar medial therapy.

Planning a Course of Treatment

Procedures are not needed for all obstructions. However, you still need to have a test run to make sure that you can opt for another type of treatment. What you will experience will depend on your overall general health, your current age, your gender, and your lifestyle. The doctor will take all these factors into consideration after he or she performs a test to check on blockages.

Most people who have problems with high cholesterol or complain of palpitations will undergo an angiogram. Once this test is completed, the doctor will tell you what type of course he or she wants to pursue. Everyone is different. Therefore, there is no cut-and-dry solution when it comes to undergoing a treatment plan.

For example, the doctor may believe that you don’t need to have any procedure performed for your blockage. If so, he or she may prescribe a blood pressure medication or help you find ways to reduce your blood pressure. In other instances, he or she may advise that you quit smoking or that you eat foods that will reduce your cholesterol. He or she may try these steps first before taking a leap and performing a procedure. By taking this conservative approach, he or she can save you from going through some trauma with respect to treating your heart condition.

Take the Test to Improve Your Health

You need to understand what causes a blockage in the first place and what you should do to remedy the situation. You cannot do this without taking certain tests. That is why you need to stay cognizant about your health and how your heart is working. Imaging such as angiograms allow doctors to explore ways to improve a person’s heart health realistically and safely. Therefore, you should not ignore a doctor’s order when he or she recommends this type of test.

Do all you can to ensure your well-being and the health of your heart. Make sure that you understand all about the different tests that can be performed to help you with your heart. If you know that the doctor can better treat the condition by performing an angiogram, you can feel better about your future and your health.

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