What if you did not meet with the driver if you ordered a transfer from the airport?


If you periodically order a transfer to the airport or transfer from the airport, it is likely already faced with situations where it is difficult to find a driver at the airport.

You flew in, passed passport control, got your luggage, go to the arrival hall and start looking for the driver standing in the hall with a sign. But he is not.

Here are a few possible reasons why you do not see the driver:

You are looking for a driver on the street, and the driver is waiting for you inside the terminal. This is the most common reason why a passenger cannot meet a driver. You probably heard the expression: “legs in front of the head run”? This happens when we hurry somewhere and mentally are already somewhere far ahead, jumping over some events.

You were brought to the wrong terminal. This also happens, although not often. How does this happen? When you book a transfer from the airport to the city, you fill out the form and specify the flight number. The driver, when he meets you, keeps track of the arrival of the flight and finds out which terminal your plane is arriving at. You do not understand why no one meets you at the airport, and the driver, having set the hour with the sign (included in the price of the Havana Airport Taxi from the airport), is already going to leave.

You did not notice the driver in the crowd. At the same time, many flights arrived. Customs, passport control and baggage claiming service do not cope. Passengers in the terminal are going more and more; at the same time, a stream of people is arriving, who are already in the arrival hall in a dense crowd. It turns out that not only did you book a Habana Transfers from the airport to the city!

Exiting the baggage claim area, you see a large number of people meeting with signs. They stand in several rows, each trying to raise their nameplate as high as possible. Some even use telescopic sticks for Selfie, brandishing meeting cards as flags. At the same time, you cannot stop and quietly look your name on the driver’s plate because the stream from behind already pushes you to the exit.

The driver meets you not with a paper tablet, but with a tablet on the screen of which a large text is typed your name. In general, we are categorically against such initiative and prohibit drivers from using tablets. The fact that the device can discharge the battery and it just turns off. Or it will go into sleep mode and the display will turn off. Therefore, noticing in the arrival hall of a person holding a tablet, with an empty black screen, do not be lazy to ask if he does not meet you.

You are a foreigner, and a company employee who ordered a transfer from the airport for you indicated your name. Well, generally speaking, if you are a foreigner, and at the same time you are reading all this yourself, then the text is definitely not the right address. But if you are an employee of a travel agency working with foreigners or a company that has ordered a transfer from the airport to its foreign partners, you should be very careful when you make such an order.

It was a brief overview of situations in which customers, having ordered a transfer from the airport, cannot find a driver.


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