What HR Leaders Need to Know About The Growth Divide


Misalignment of thought processis inevitable. However, when business is concerned, unmatched views can hamper growth. It has been found that managers and their respective subordinates have very different views on growth. Growth divide is a major concern which plagues the current working populous and seemingly it goes unnoticed at most places.

To further elaborate on this…

What is growth divide?

Two very different views on what is essential for growth exist between employers and employees. In fact, a research conducted by Reflective, found out that there is a total disconnect between what employers believe is important to grow market share, revenue and more, and what employees believe is necessary to contribute, grow in their job, and thrive in their career.

To put this into perspective, here’s an example. According to the research mentioned above, about 94 percent of executives believe that employees in their organization are satisfied with their performance reviews feedback mechanism while the employees, about 94 percent, at the same organization feel that the process is outdated, while 62 percent feel that the process is often incomplete.

How to check Growth Divide?

As a human resource leader, it is imperative to check growth divide and create way for sustainable growth. Here are a few ways in which it can be checked …

1. Outdated performance reviews

Annual performance reviews are either delayed or completely neglected. Reviews often include regency and are riddled with manager biases. Performance reviews can often be time-consuming for the supervisors and executives administering it. Infact, about 58 percent of executive delay performance reviews because they don’t have enough time to prepare for the necessary materials and about 23 percent of executives have delayed a review for a month or longer. Additionally, the study mentioned above states that an executives spend 15 hours on average outside office hours to get the right information for upcoming reviews.

2. Misalignment of goals

Majority of employees don’t their metric on which they will be evaluated. About 27 percent people were found to relate to this, according to the above research. As many as 25 percent people came to know about their metrics during their last review.

3. Poor conversations and listening

Other than feedback, it is also important to let employees voice their concerns. According to the research carried out above, there were about 48 percent people said they were not comfortable raising their issues with their manager. Employees should be given an opportunity to voice their concerns.

Other than these, building social connections with employees could further lead to understanding their concerns. Leaders in HR should arrange for Informal conversations which can further help to get into the minds of employees. Giving employees the opportunity to vent out or voice their concerns related to workplace should be a continuous process.

Growth divide is a major concern among companies gearing towards growth. Unfortunately, this could be a major growth inhibitor. It is upon HR leaders to recognize that and address it as soon as they can.

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