What Can Damage Your Windscreen?


Have you ever needed to get your windscreen repaired? What kind of damage warranted such a move? If you have experienced this with your car, you will know how important the windscreen actually is. 

When it gets damaged, your visibility is affected, and driving gets dangerous. You’re also vulnerable to the elements when considerable damage occurs to your vehicle’s front window.

With all these considered, proper assessment and windscreen repair need to be done promptly so your car can get you to places safely and comfortably.

But do you know what can damage your car’s windscreen badly that you’ll need to take it to the right car technicians?

Top 3 Causes of Damage to your Windscreen

A broken windscreen is a no-no when driving. It needs to be repaired as soon as possible because it can cause dangerous accidents in and out of the road.

And when it comes to windscreen damage, here are the top three causes that you need to be aware of to better prepare yourself and your vehicle.

Road Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Administration revealed that car accidents happen every 60 seconds. It’s an overwhelming number, which shows just how many lives suffer and vehicles are destroyed because of this reason.

And while road crashes are one of the main causes of death globally, it is also a major cause of car damage, specifically to the windscreen. 

With a head-on collision, the windscreen suffers the most, not just to the glass but to the frame as well. And minor accidents can also result in small cracks, which eventually become serious problems.

Wrong Windscreen Installation

Incorrect installation of the windscreen causes it to move during a drive. This vibration is a result of the glass being too loose. And with continuous vibrations, especially during a long road trip, the windscreen suffers, leading to small cracks and chips on the glass.

If these cracks are not identified and repaired promptly, they can grow and completely break the glass. Then, you end up with even greater damage.

Thus, great care in choosing professional car technicians is needed to properly attach your windscreen and your vehicle stays in perfect condition.

Extreme Heat or Cold

Science tells us that glass, along with other materials, contracts when cold and expands when hot. This principle applies to your car’s windscreen, too. 

Cracks can form on the glass when it gets exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods. Moreover, sudden changes in the temperature can lead to the same result.

Therefore, it is better to keep your car in the shade or protect it with a car cover when you need to park it outside for an indefinite time.

Most of these causes can be easily avoided. But, if not, a proper windscreen repair is what you will need to fix the problem and get your car back in top shape.

While the windscreen is not always the priority for inspection and maintenance, keeping it in the best condition is a necessity for a safer drive. Doing so also helps identify minor damages that are not easily seen and can worsen without the right treatment.

Numerous factors can cause damage to a car, particularly to its windscreen. But when you know what these factors are, you can prepare for the drive ahead and have fewer chances of suffering negative consequences on the road. 

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