What are the Main GERD Disease Causes


Around 60 million people in the U.S. are suffering from acid reflux GERD. Understanding the GERD disease causes will help to seek the best acid reflux treatment. You will suffer from gastroesophageal disease when the acids produced in the stomach flows back into the tube that connects the mouth and stomach. It irritates lining in the esophagus.

Some of the GERD disease causes include weak sphincter, delayed emptying of the stomach, obesity, pregnancy, scleroderma, hiatal hernia, intake of certain medicines including aspirin, intake of coffee or alcohol, intake of fried or fatty foods, consuming a large meal before going to bed, and smoking.  Intake of certain foods including onions, mint, garlic, citrus fruits, tomatoes, and carbonated drinks could also cause acid reflux.

If GERD is not cured in time, you may suffer from esophageal ulcer, Barrett’s esophagus, and esophageal stricture. One can easily understand the disease with the following easily recognizable GERD disease symptoms.

GERD disease symptoms

Some of the symptoms of GERD disease include acid taste in your mouth, regurgitation, heart burn, laryngitis, asthma, hoarseness, bad breath, and feeling of a lump in the throat, chronic dry cough, discomfort, earaches, and increased saliva abnormally.

Lifestyle changes for GERD treatment naturally

You can get rid of painful GERD disease symptoms by making lifestyle changes. You need to consume three or four meals over a day instead of consuming two large meals. It improves digestion and relieves you of the symptoms of GERD. It is advised to sit or move around for two to three hours after intake of food to avoid acid reflux.

Alcohol, mint and chocolate relax the valve between your stomach and the esophagus. Therefore, it is suggested to avoid intake of such foods and drinks to cure GERD naturally. You need to avoid foods including coffee, oranges, and tomatoes to ease the GERD symptoms. You should tobacco and smoking as well to stay healthy.

You should avoid wearing tight clothes to prevent GERD. Practicing exercises regularly is the best way to promote digestion and prevent recurrence of acid reflux. Regular practice of exercises helps to lower weight and relieves you of GERD disease symptoms naturally. The best exercises to lose weight include bicycling, swimming, jogging, pushups, squats, biceps, reverse dip, less strenuous weight lifting, yoga, and crunches etc.

You can also make use of Antacids to neutralize the stomach acids and relieves you from stomach upset, acid indigestion, sour stomach, and heart burn. You can also get rid of gas with the help of simethicone in antacids. So, you can consume Maalox, Amphogel, Tums or Pepto-Bismol to cure symptoms of GERD.

It is suggested to drink chamomile tea to reduce gastric acidity naturally. It also relieves you from anxiety and promotes sound sleep. It also helps to fight cancer. It helps to treat colic, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome.

Marshmallow root consists of mucilage, nutrients, cellulose, sugar and pectin. It is rich in zinc, calcium, Vitamin B Complex, and iron. It relieves you from burning sensation caused due to acid reflux. So, you can consume Marshmallow root tea to get relief from stomach ulcers and stomach acidity.

All these tips will help to cure GERD disease and stay healthy.

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