What are Office Cleaning Services San Francisco and its needs


Over time office cleaning has seen its status evolve from simple dusting, emptying of bins and cleaning windows, to a service always demanding more requirements both in terms of the quality of work and the level hygiene standards.


Office cleaning companies are becoming more malleable to their customers. Office Cleaning Services San Francisco specialize in new areas such as cleaning carpets, windows and even in the maintenance of green spaces. Each client is unique and has the right to a service adapted to his request and his requirements. But office cleaning remains the most common of all.

In a classic office cleaning we find:

  • Empty waste and paper bins
  • Cleaning and dusting furniture
  • Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces; such as switches, door and cabinet handles, buttons (eg elevator).
  • Cleaning windows or glass walls; with a micro-fiber for the digital traces and / or with specialized equipment (zipper & moistener).
  • Cleaning, dusting and disinfection of computer equipment, screens, keyboards / mice and telephones as well as electrical cables.
  • The cleaning of the kitchenettes, wiping and disinfection of the sink, cleaning of the coffee machine, the fridge, as well as on request the washing of the dishes.
  • Sanitary cleaning, disinfection and descaling, as well as the replacement of consumables (soap, toilet paper and hand towels, linen etc.)
  • Floor cleaning and maintenance; by suction, using flat wash and / or other machines (auto-washer, single-brush, steam)

The cleaning company is also responsible for closing the doors, turning off the lights and ventilating the offices!

On request and in agreement with your cleaning company you will be able to obtain a Janitorial Service San Rafael CA, disinfection or a thorough cleaning of your premises (windows, ceiling, interior of the cupboards, furniture etc.), as well as a special treatment for the grounds (carpet, faience), linoleum, PVC, marble etc.).

Reasons to pay adequate attention to the cleaning of chairs

The seat of a chair is an element that receives dirt transported with clothes that passes through very different places at the end of each day, since it is very easy that before you get home, or the office, you have sat in various places how the bus, occupying a seat that has previously been shared by a large number of passengers, picking up on every dirt and pollutants

But not only the seats are used for what is its correct use, but also serve to deposit all kinds of objects, and even shoes, which have previously been exposed to contact with different floors, sidewalks, parkland, and multiple surfaces , dragging the contamination that can be found in each area.

The  upholstered chairs  with fabric, have absorbent properties against dust and spilled liquids, so if no  cleaning, dirt builds up gradually turning this furniture on great centers of nesting feared mites responsible for allergies, which It is essential to  clean cloth chairs  at least weekly, to eliminate this problem.


All operations and cleaning tasks and their frequency of intervention must imperatively be included in a specification and a description of the places so that the work to be done is accurate.

Cleaning companies that are serious will do so automatically, but in any case ensure that you have one in written form and signed by the company of your choice.

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