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We already know how important it is for a business to have an active website, especially when the global pandemic paralyzed brick-and-mortar businesses. The best thing about websites is that it’s not that hard to make one, and you can even make one for free. Online tools like Wix.com are completely free to use, with some premium features only requiring a small fee to unlock. However, those with adequate resources should consider buying their own domain name and website hosting plan, as well as hiring professional creatives to design and develop their site.

Some business owners probably think web design isn’t something you should spend too much money on, but remember that your website is essentially the digital equivalent of your business’ storefront. If you’re willing to spend money on professional services to build your physical store, why not do the same for your website?

The importance of an attractive website

There are 4.66 billion people online, and to increase your chance of netting some paying customers, your website needs to make a good impression. If your site looks messy or unattractive, that will reflect poorly on your business’ reputation. Look at the websites of major corporations like Apple. Their website reflects the sleek and top-tier design their products are known for. If you want to maintain a consistent and positive brand image, your website should reflect your intention.

Besides building trust with your users, good Phoenix Web Design also has a myriad of other benefits. One, it helps your business stand out from the competition. Brands like JOHO’s bean and Swiss Airline gained recognition because of their creative websites, getting multiple features in various blogs that generated more organic traffic for their business. Second, it encourages users to convert from site visitor to customer. The more professional your site looks, the more likely a buyer will be encouraged to spend more time on your site, consume your content, or purchase one of your products. It was reported that 92% of people say that they were more likely to purchase if the site appeared professional and stylish. If you’re an ecommerce site, it’s even more crucial to prioritize website design.

Keep track of design trends

It’s easy to dismiss trends as fleeting fancies, but it’s vital for web designers to be attuned to website design trends. On top of keeping your website looking chic and modern, some website trends also improve functionality and user experience. Here are a few design elements you should consider to freshen up your site’s overall design.

  • Retro design. Minimalism took the spotlight in fashion and design these past few years, but in 2020, web design is experiencing a resurgence in bold colors and stylized typography. This is purely an aesthetic choice and whether you should completely redesign your minimalist website to follow this trend depends solely on your users. Some users like the bright colors and boldness of retro design, while others think it’s garish and kitschy. Try split testing and base your course of action on user feedback.
  • Multimedia web experience. With the increasing user access to faster Internet speeds, more websites are being more creative with their web experience by incorporating multimedia content. This can be anything from a scrolling banner with video and audio, custom cursors, parallax scrolling, interactive content, and more. When incorporating these features into your website, take measures to ensure they display properly for various devices and browsers.

When producing multimedia web experiences, prioritize simplicity. Don’t just add flashy site features for the sake of looking cool. It can put off your users and distract from your website’s main point if you go overboard.

  • Dark mode. Using a primarily black layout adds a classy, sleek touch to any website. Companies like Aircord and Hublot favor this style thanks to how black partners well with various colors and effectively highlights key site elements like illustrations, product photos, and text. This is also great for users who have sensitive eyes or have a habit of browsing in the middle of the night. A darker layout also uses up less battery, so it’s perfect for mobile users.
  • Geometric layout. Geometric layouts are a great way to keep your site looking clean and structured. Many ecommerce sites favor a grid-style layout to better show off their products. Other geometric elements like flat shapes, visible grid lines, and effective use of color can get your message across easily.
  • Websites are slowly taking steps to be more accessible to persons with disabilities (PWDs). Look at your website and ask yourself if someone hard of hearing can understand your video content or if someone who’s visually impaired can easily read your articles given your current site layout. Prioritize user accessibility by adding closed captions to videos, including podcast transcripts, and giving the option to pause or disable any flashing elements on your website. For websites using a dark layout, enable the option to toggle to a brighter layout.

Besides these suggestions, you can do a lot more to ensure your site is accessible for any disability. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines by W3 is a reputable resource for making your website as accessible as possible.

  • Organic design. 2020 saw the rise of design elements inspired by nature. This is already prevalent in fashion, architecture, and interior design, but it’s also gaining popularity on websites. Warm, earthy tones, nature photography, and raw textures dominate this aesthetic, which is a welcome contrast to the cool tones and digital art found on most websites.

Don’t underestimate how web design impacts user experience and conversion rate. With how cutthroat the competition is in the online sphere, you stand a greater chance of rising above if you invest adequately into your website. Continuously update your site, so you never end up looking outdated. Incorporate special layouts and designs for events like Christmas or Valentines’ Day. Keeping your site fresh and exciting also increases the chances of people coming back to see what’s new.

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