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Wearing Clothes after Getting a Tattoo: Guide 101

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Have you got a tattoo recently? If yes, it is time to pay attention to aftercare. During the first week, the tattoo will be wrapped, then unwrapped, and left to stop bleeding or oozing. It will need room to dry and breathe.

Tight-fitting clothes can prevent tattoos from healing and pave the way for multiple complications. When the clothes constantly rub against the inked skin, it introduces harmful bacteria and contaminants. To know more, please check out the rest of the discussion.

Know the Disadvantages of Tight-Fitting Clothes

  1. The clothes constantly rub against the tattoo

The experts providing the best tattoo supply brands said tattoo is a wound. When the fabric rubs against the tattoo, it reopens the wound, and lengthens the recovery period. In other words, the tattoo has a hard time sealing itself.

  1. The clothes can give germs an entry to the tattoo

Tight-fitting clothes give germs entry to the tattoo. As a result, the tattoo inflames, burns, blisters, and develops an infection. The ink leaks, damaging the appearance of the tattoo and the overall skin condition.

  1. The clothes can get stuck to the tattoo

Tight clothes can get stuck to a tattoo, and unfortunately, mess the way it looks. Also, the very attempt to remove stuck clothing can be quite painful. It will force the skin to bleed and ooze.

  1. The clothes obstruct scabbing and clotting

To dry out, tattoos must stop bleeding and oozing. Tight clothes obstruct blood clotting along with the formation of scabs. This can lead to swelling and infection due to excessive moisture accumulated.

What Clothes to Wear After Getting Tattooed?

You must put on loose-fitting clothes after getting inked and during the healing process, which can last for almost a month. That is when the tattoo is not on the head, neck, and feet. For these areas, you must pay special attention. Stay away from hats, caps, scarves, and even socks and shoes.

The experts providing tattoo numbing cream Australia said loose clothes make sure to keep the tattoo protected. The fabric would not stick to the skin and introduce germs. This significantly decreases the chance of infection and speeds up the recovery process.

A brand-new tattoo will be wrapped for a day or two. You can wear loose clothes on top of the wrap. As mentioned right at the beginning, the tattoo must breathe, so opt for fabrics such as cotton and linen.

What Clothes to Avoid After Getting Tattooed?

If the tattoo is on the breast/chest area, women must not wear a bra, at least when at home. When outdoors, choose a loose-fitting bra that prevents moisture from building up and does not inflict pressure on the tattoo.

Avoid pants with a tight waistband and jeans if the tattoos are on thighs, hips, gluteal area, middle or lower back, and lower abdomen. The best alternatives are sweatpants or loose-fitting shorts.

For feet tattoos, go bare as long as possible. Socks are off-limits, and so are strappy sandals, boots, and heels. If you have to go out, please choose flip-flops.

It is also essential to avoid gym clothing like yoga pants, leggings, crop tops, etc. In addition to being tight-fitting, they can stretch and pull the tattooed area. This is painful and increases the risk of infection.

Hopefully, the above discussion will allow you to handle the healing process seamlessly. For further queries, talk to your tattoo artist or people who already have many tattoos. In case of abnormal rashes and fever, please seek medical assistance.

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