Ways to Ensure People Don’t Leave the Site After Entering It


It’s unfortunate if you successfully convinced people to enter your website but you failed to convince them to stay. You reached a point when you managed to change their minds and consider opening your site. When you can’t convince them to stay, it means that there’s something wrong with the content of the site. Therefore, you have to consider these tips to ensure that they don’t leave after entering.

Highlight the promotions

Let’s face it, given how difficult the economy is these days, people want to find ways to save money. Therefore, you need to highlight the promotions that you wish to offer. You need to give people a reason to choose your products over rivals. As soon as they enter the site, they need to see the promotions. It might make them stay.

Use fun photos and videos 

People are visual in nature and they want to see entertaining stuff on websites. No one wants a site filled with words. People don’t have time to go through all the topics. You want them to save time by using quality images and relevant videos. In a way, you also feel the same way when you open websites. You get excited when it offers something you normally don’t see elsewhere.



Avoid pop ups

Pop-up ads are annoying. No one wants to deal with them. Closing them takes time and effort. For some people, taking time to close the ads is more difficult that just shutting the page entirely. You don’t want to give them a reason to close the website without going through the details.

Remove anything that delays the loading of the site

People are generally impatient. When they open a site, they want to see all the details right away. No one wants to spend time waiting until the page loads correctly. If they do, they might decide to leave the page right away. Remove huge files or anything that could delay the loading of the page.

Focus only on your business 

Your goal is to sell your products and provide information. Don’t go beyond the primary goal of setting up a website. You can have fun discussions and games if you want to engage people. However, you can’t bring up issues that are divisive. Unless you’re actively advocating for a policy, you can’t bring it up. Whether it’s politics or religion, the issue could divide people. Anyone who enters your site and sees these discussions might feel turned off and decide to leave right away.

Your goal is to ensure that people will stay on your website until they purchase something. It helps increase your conversion rate. Therefore, you need to study the web design along with the necessary content for the site. With web design, you can always seek help from experts. You can check out Web Design Oxford for more information about the services offered. Hopefully, you can change people’s minds and make them stay for more.

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