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von Willebrand Disease Treatment Market : Review with Forecast Research Report 2019 – 2027

Global von Willebrand Disease Treatment Market: Continued Research Regarding Rare Bleeding Disorders to Offer Growth Prospects for Competitors

Continued rise in the prevalence of bleeding disorders has stirred key developments in the healthcare sector, in an attempt to manage these disorders. Despite the global prevalence of bleeding disorders, awareness of these conditions and their management has been insignificant. Healthcare professionals often have lesser diagnostic and treatment skills with incomplete access to diagnostic modalities essential for accurate recognition. von Willebrand disease is one such hereditary bleeding disorder associated with the qualitative and quantitative defect of the von Willebrand factor. On account of the growing incidences of this disease, von Willebrand disease treatment remains pivotal for healthcare professionals.

Transparency Market Research (TMR), in its recently published report on the von Willebrand disease treatment market, uncovers key aspects pertaining to the industry, showcasing developments in the market. Continued efforts towards battling the disease prevalent among geriatric patients and increasing government initiatives for the development of orphan drugs, coupled with continued technological advancements that enable new drug development are likely to drive the growth of the von Willebrand disease treatment market.

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von Willebrand Disease Treatment Market: Evolutionary Timeline

von Willebrand disease was first described by Finland’s Dr. Eric von Willebrand, in 1926, as a disease differentiated from hemophilia on the basis of certain clinical findings. Knowledge regarding von Willebrand disease pathogenesis and the following application of data to benefit disease diagnosis and therapeutics have advanced considerably over the past couple of decades. Post the immunologic distinction between factor VIII and von Willebrand factor discovered in the 1970s, the gene for the von Willebrand factor was cloned by four groups in the year 1985, marking the beginning of an era of the incorporation of the knowledge into the study of disease diagnosis, pathogenesis, and treatment.

The von Willebrand disease treatment market has witnessed significant transformation ever since the discovery of the disease. Healthcare professionals, today, are focusing on developing newer therapeutics for the disease, with shifting focus on recombinant therapy. As such, the von Willebrand disease treatment market is likely to be valued at ~ US$ 480 Mn in 2019, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~ 7% during 2019-2027.

Impact of Undercurrents on the von Willebrand Disease Treatment Market

Encouragement to Develop Orphan Drugs

Regulatory bodies across the globe grant ODD status to a drug that is intended to diagnose and treat rare diseases. Governments are also encouraging the development of orphan drugs to better tackle rare diseases such as von Willebrand disease. This trend is likely to influence the market on a large scale.

Technological Innovations Boost Product Development

As the healthcare sector continues to evolve, substantial growth is being witnessed in drug discovery and development. Technological advancements continue to influence drug development in terms of von Willebrand disease treatment to offer better disease management to patients. New treatment options such as recombinant therapy are expected to drive the market in the near future. The popularity of recombinant therapy is likely to grow, owing to less chance of an allergic reaction, viral infection, and reduced risk of disease transmission.

High Treatment Costs to Impede Market Growth

Drugs for von Willebrand disease treatment are synthetic in nature, and the cost of recombinant therapy is higher. Also, clinical trials and new drug development require higher investments, owing to the rarity and distinctive treatment approach for this disease. This has compelled companies to invest more in R&D, resulting in higher final cost of the drugs.

New Product Launches

Companies operating in the von Willebrand disease treatment market are emphasizing new product developments with focus on next-gen therapeutics. From recombinant therapy that promotes personalized treatment to new drug discovery, market players are trialing newer ways to reduce the efficacy of this disease.

Desmopressin Drug Portfolio Enhancement

Desmopressin is a synthetic drug that is available in the vial or spray form. This drug treatment for von Willebrand disease is likely to remain the top-selling type of drug. Companies aim to expand their desmopressin drug portfolio to capitalize on its increasing demand.

Prioritize Therapeutic Research and Clinical Trials

As research and development plays a vital role in the discovery and development of drugs, companies operating in the von Willebrand disease treatment market continue to concentrate their efforts towards therapeutic research and clinical trials. Another vital aspect in consideration remains attaining marketing authorization from governing bodies in respective regions to cash in on sales in these regions.

Analysis of the Competition

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited recently announced the completion of its acquisition of Shire plc. With this acquisition, the former aims to become a globally recognized, values-based, and R&D-driven biopharmaceutical market leader in Japan. Octapharma, a key player in the von Willebrand disease treatment market, announced that it presented new data on the benefits of Nuwiq for patients suffering from haemophilia A during a scientific symposium at the 27th International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) Congress held in Australia. In 2018, Shire plc, an orphan drug leader, was granted marketing authorization for its recombinant von Willebrand factor vonicog alfa as a second-line of treatment for von Willebrand disease.

The von Willebrand disease treatment market remains fragmented in nature, with intense competition in the market. Major market players continue to adopt new product launches as a vital growth-attaining strategy, with the help of mergers and acquisitions, along with collaborations, to bolster business expansion. Increasing market presence and product availability through such growth policies are majorly witnessed among competitors

Analysts’ Perspective on the von Willebrand Disease Treatment Market

Ongoing research for new drug development due to the increasing prevalence of von Willebrand disease is being observed on a large scale. Owing to this scenario, TMR analysts have a positive perspective of the market. Companies have observed the need for developing new treatment options for the treatment of this disease. In an attempt to gain impetus on this front, intensive research and development activities are given priority. New market entrants can consider this strategy to compete with established players. Although North America leads the von Willebrand disease treatment market, major prevalence of the disease observed across developing countries is shifting the focus of treatment providers towards these economies. Increasing consumer awareness pertaining to rare diseases, coupled with growing encouragement by governments to introduce orphan drugs are creating major opportunities in Asian economies. Developing countries could, therefore, be vital geographies when considering investments to develop newer drugs. As recombinant therapy is gaining momentum, new market entrants can channelize their efforts towards research activities in this avenue, in an attempt to gain a competitive edge.

von Willebrand Disease Treatment Market: Government Initiatives: A Key Driver

von Willebrand Disease Treatment Market: Rise in Demand for Recombinant Therapies

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von Willebrand Disease Treatment Market: High Cost of Treatment and Therapy a Major Restraint

von Willebrand Disease Treatment Market: Competition Landscape

von Willebrand Disease Treatment Market: Key Developments

The global von Willebrand disease treatment market is highly fragmented due to the presence of a large number of players. Leading players operating in the global von Willebrand disease treatment market are engaged in development of new products, merger & acquisition, collaboration, and integration. Industry players are undertaking significant research and development activities. These business strategies adopted by manufacturers accelerate the growth of the global von Willebrand disease treatment market.

In the global von Willebrand disease treatment market report, we have discussed individual strategies, followed by the profiles of prominent players operating in the von Willebrand disease treatment market. The competitive landscape section is included in the report to provide readers with a dashboard view and a company market share analysis of the key players operating in the global von Willebrand disease treatment market.

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