Various Categories of Discrimination in the Workplace- Understand the Scenarios to Take Action


Discrimination in the workplace can leave a person depressed for a long time. We all want to work peacefully and achieve our desired goals. In case, we get discriminated against for our color, race and religion, we will not be able to focus on it and ruin our careers eventually. You need to learn more about discrimination so that you can take the right steps with the help of a discrimination lawyer. Some of the forms of discrimination in the workplace are elaborated on below:

Racial discrimination

You might have come from a different country altogether to realize your dream. However, you may not be hired because of your color, race and origin even if you have passed all the stages of the hiring process. Apart from this, some employees don’t get salary hikes and promotions because they belong to a certain group or community.

Pregnancy discrimination

Your colleagues and bosses may agree that you cannot perform certain jobs if you are carrying a child. While they may show their concern about your health, there might be a thin line between pregnancy discrimination and care. If you are not offered job duties because you are pregnant, you need to discuss it with your boss so that you don’t face discrimination based on this factor.

Discrimination based on the disability

In an office, a number of disabled people also work and earn their living. In many cases, they also get discriminated against for their physical attributes. They may not be promoted or get more perks because the management believes that they are physically not capable of performing certain jobs. If you believe that you have been discriminated against because of your disability, you can get in touch with an attorney and seek assistance.

Gender-based discrimination

Many males and females face situations in which they don’t get promoted because of their gender. They are not even offered the same salaries. In many companies, females get lesser paycheck than their counterparts for the same kind of job. Apart from this, women are not taken seriously for work commitments because they have to look after children and their homes. In this case, a female can hire an attorney and look for the best solution in a legal manner.

If you are not comfortable with the behavior of your employer, you should bring it to the notice and raise your voice against it. To get rid of these issues, you need to speak for yourself.

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