Vape Maintenance: 3 Things You Need to Do


Whether you use them to help you quit smoking or as a fashion statement, vapes can be seen all over the place and have become a useful piece of equipment. With the popularity of vaping devices on the rise, more and more people need to learn how to take care of these new devices. Without the right maintenance, they get dirty and they are more likely to break. So, if you are a new vape user or you are unsure on how to look after your vape device, here are three things you should think about doing to start you off.

The Tank

The tank is the area of the vape device that holds the e-liquid. This part of the vape is normally combined with an atomizer and exists as a single unit. When you don’t clean the tank of your vape device, you will still taste the remains of the last e-liquid you used (which will be a problem if you change flavors). It isn’t a hard task to clean the tank. You can perform a simple rinse which should be done regularly. Then a deep clean using alcohol should be performed every now and then. Follow the link provided for more information on how to clean your tank.

The Coil

The coil is the heating element within a vape device which heats up the e-liquid, converting it into the vapor that you smoke. Unfortunately, it is common for these coils to die off. So, no matter how thorough you are when you clean your device, replacing the coil will need to happen at some point. Also, if you get them wet, they will burn out. Coils play a huge part when it comes to the flavor of the e-liquid. If you vape a lot, then you can expect to replace your coil regularly. Signs your coil needs changing are a ‘burnt’ taste even when your device has been deep cleaned, it looks damaged, you are experiencing leaking from your atomizer and/or there is less vapor being produced when you smoke. For more information on how to replace your vapes coil, follow the link provided.

The Battery

As with most devices that require a battery, the battery of the vape is the power source of this unit. Some vape batteries have options that can control the temperature or voltage of the device. When it comes to vape mods, the battery can usually be found in the housing of the vape. Replacing a battery can be simple enough, but this process will be different for each device. But to avoid doing this, making sure you charge your device properly is important, for example, by not overcharging it and using it when it is fully charged.

Maintaining the ideal e-liquid level, keeping the juice in the right environment and safely storing the vape are also things you should try to do to maintain your device. With vaping being a great method of ditching bad and unhealthy habits, it is definitely clear why their use is becoming so popular.

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