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Vacation from Dreams: Caribbean Islands

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The Caribbean is one tourist destination that has everything in superlative. It is home to diverse natural flora and fauna, making it an interesting place to explore. The islands are so expansive that you can’t exhaust what it offers. To get the best out of a vacation, one needs to decide on a specific island that has special offers.

The top destination in the Caribbean is a contest between the US Virgin Islands, St Martin, Antigua and Barbuda and many more. The US Virgin Islands competes favorably in many aspects. Since vacations come once in a while, the US Virgin Islands would be the ideal place to bank trust that you will achieve the most without breaking the bank.

The Virgin Islands have premium experiences full of historic sites, museums, reefs, and other landmarks. The turquoise waters offer an opportunity for a variety of water sports and the landscape is conducive to outdoor sports. Made up of three bodies of land, the islands’ six national parks offer vast opportunities to discover the lonely planet. Places of interest include the Buck Island Reef National Museum strategically located in St. Croix. Hiking adventures can be quenched in the 11,500-acre expanse of reserves. Historical sites are concentrated in St. Thomas with 19th-century artifacts of Hassel Island. During the adventures of unraveling the mysteries of history, one can get a perfect Instagram photo in the Butterfly Garden.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

The Islands have a diverse culture of interesting foods, parades, fairs, and tours. There is always a party mood in the air. One famous culture lies in the deepest secrets of architecture as showcased by the restored houses around the Islands. The 99 steps on St. Thomas together with the Annaberg Plantation ruins are the perfect combination that displays the colonial culture. If food is worth visiting a place, then The Virgin Islands is the place to go. On the menu are callaloo, red grout, fritters, and potato stuffing. One needs not to worry about calories in such a vacation. Restaurants are located in vantage points to give you the opportunity to sip island cocktails while watching the sunsets or the scenery.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

Lovers of shopping will not be disappointed with the duty-free shopping experiences. The islands have the highest duty-free limit in the entire Caribbean. Things to buy include luxury merchandise and skillfully crafted artisan goods.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

The islands are a superb wedding or honeymoon destination. People thinking to make a real impact in the lives of their loved ones have a chance to sail Caribbean with their newlyweds through the seashores. Miles white sand shores with villas and lively nightlife will ensure maximum holiday enjoyment.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

A plane ride over a few minutes to orient a skydiver is an adventure worth anticipating in the islands. Those who fear heights are not left out of the game. The International Regatta in St. Thomas and the Coral Reef Swim excursion in St. Croix are wonderful opportunities to participate in sailing. The Magic Ice in winter convinces tourists that they can run into anything unexpected in the islands.

With all of this mentioned, you can start planning your vacation from dreams because Caribbean islands are true paradise.

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