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Use leftover cake to prepare delicious chocolate truffles

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There are many mothers who are eager to impress their family and children on the different events and occasions with their culinary skills. They may have a passion to work in the kitchen trying to experiment on new things and to make good use of the left-over foods. The fact is homemade items are always delicious, fresh and healthy. People of all ages are sure to feel tempted and want more of it every time there is prepared something fabulous. One such item is the home-made chocolate truffle which can be prepared using the left-over cakes. This is also easy to be prepared and does require very less effort and is also an inexpensive way to impress the whole family and make them to jump in joy and delight.

There are present several ways by which chocolate truffles can be prepared. The old left-over cake can be converted into chocolate truffles with some tips and suggestions. Buy birthday cake online and do away with the hassle of wasting time in the kitchen.

Ingredients required

  • Left over cake
  • Chopped nuts
  • Favorite chocolate, large bar

Preparing chocolate truffles

Hands are to be washed properly and dried before starting the process. Crush cake in a bowl into crumbs. Line up a tray having baking paper and spread on it chopped nuts. Then melt chocolate for about a second on the microwave oven kept on high setting. Now pour into cake crumbs the melted chocolate. Stir it thoroughly, until it gets mixed. Have cake crumb chocolate mixture shaped into balls. The balls are to be then rolled in chopped nuts and are to be set on lined tray. It is now ready to be served to those who cannot refuse to chocolate truffles.

Preparing flavored chocolate truffles

This wonderful recipe can be made into different variations using chocolate syrup and flavorings. In this version, a melon scoop is to be used instead of using the hands for creating truffle balls.

Ingredients required

  • Leftover cake
  • Favorite chocolate, a large bar
  • Rainbow sprinkles
  • Vanilla essence or peppermint flavoring


Firstly, the cake is to be crushed inside a bowl into crumbs. Then a tray is to be lined with baking paper. Now, melt chocolate in microwave oven for about a second on high setting. It is to be stirred to ensure that it gets fully melted. If still found to be solid, and then it is to be microwaved on high setting for another second. Now have melted chocolate poured into cake crumbs. Have vanilla essence or peppermint essence added of about 1 tsp. It is to be mixed thoroughly by stirring. Truffle mix ball is to be scooped up.  Use teaspoon for easing the ball from the melon scoop. Place it on the tray. The truffle balls are to be sprinkled over with rainbow sprinkles and set on lined tray. It is now ready to be served to those who cannot resist consuming chocolate truffles.

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