Types of Scars


A scar is a result of an injury, burn, trauma, or surgery. One single scar can make a big difference in how you look and your overall appearance may get altered. Sometimes a scar is too small to be noticed or positioned in a place where it can be hidden under the clothes. On the other hand some scars are on the face or other parts of the body which is exposed and difficult to conceal.

At Such times you think of ways to treat a scar like buying the no scars night cream. The truth is that the scar can only be reduced in intensity but cannot be eradicated completely. Below we look at the different types of scars.

Keloid scars- it is a raised and lumpy scar caused by an excess of collagen in the skin after an injury has healed or as a result of a surgical incision, acne or due to blemishes left over by chicken pox. It is a common scar which can be self diagnosed but treatable by a medical practitioner only. 

These scars are the hardest to remove and can last for several years or even stay lifelong. This type of scar causes itching, pain and tenderness. Treatments for this type of scar include use of steroids and other medical treatments like surgical removal, laser therapy or pressure treatment.

Contracture scars- these scars are usually a result of burning of the skin. When skin suffers from a second degree or third degree burn, the neighboring skin start to pull together causes a contracture scar which can affect your mobility. Contracture scars may penetrate deeper into the skin layers affecting the nerves and muscles. Contracture scars can never be removed completely but the effect can be minimized. Quick treatment and proper care of the wound can make it less painful and heal the scar to some extent.

Hypertrophic scars- deposits of excessive collagen gives rise to a raised bumpy thick red scar called hypertrophic scars which are similar to keloids scar but smaller in size and of a lesser degree. These scars, containing nerves and blood vessels, are most often formed at the sites of incisions, burns, and acne and body piercings. Hypertrophic scars are painful and cause itching. These scars most often thin out and fade over a period of time without any treatment. Creams and oils may reduce the redness and fluffiness of the scar.

Acne scars- severe acne can leave behind marks called acne scars. When the skin pores are filled with excessive oil, dirt and dead cells it causes inflamed blemish cause acne. Mild acne scars can be removed by using natural home made products or buy no scars cream buy online but in the case of a very severe acne outburst, you need to consult a dermatologist.

Some scars may change your overall appearance especially if it’s on the face or hands. You may feel dejected and low on confidence but you need not worry. Surgical removal of scars can give you a spotless skin.

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