TV-Inspired Decoration: Top 4 Home Improvement Shows


Here in the UK, regardless of age, we all have a common guilty pleasure in that of home improvement shows. These television programmes combine the best of comedy, drama, and reality.

Will the loving couple come in under budget on their five-bedroom abode in Dorset? Will the bespoke granite worktops arrive from Sardinia in time for the big reveal? Each week, millions of viewers tune in for the latest episode of whatever show it is.

There is reason behind why these programmes are dominating so much of the television schedule throughout the day, from 9am in the morning to the watershed slot in the evening — because we’re a sucker for them!

With so many people around the UK investing their time into turning their houses into homes since lockdown began, we thought we’d take a look at the best home improvement shows we’ve been treated to over the course of the years, delving into the different ways they can help you in terms of inspiration when it comes to taking the task into your own hands.

So, without further ado, Skip Hire Birmingham present you the best of British…

Homes Under the Hammer

The epitome of mid-morning British television. At one time or another, we simply haven’t been able to resist the temptation of tuning in Dion Dublin and the gang bringing us this BBC classic.

The broadcaster’s most successful programme at the 10am slot, drawing in a regular daily viewership of 1.5 million people, Homes Under the Hammer is now in its 20th year!

In regard to home improvement level, this show reaches out to all those that are looking at a complete development or a high-level refurbishment. If you’re tuning in, keep an eye out for a variety of tips regarding the property auction trade.

Post-lockdown, property prices could plummet, meaning a range of opportunities for first time buyers — call upon the help of the Homes Under the Hammer team to get you on that all-important property ladder!

Garden SOS

A spin off from the long running DIY SOS, presented by Nick Knowles, Garden SOS sees a family call upon the help of a team of experts to sort out their outdoor space.

Not all home improvements have to take place within the confines of the four walls of the interior. Gardens can add between five and 20 per cent to the value of your property.

Since lockdown began, people around the globe have been turning to gardening as a “soothing, family friendly hobby”. The Royal Horticultural Society reported a 500% increase in visits to their site in the first week of travel restrictions. Alongside this, they witnessed a 500% increase in searches relating to perennial plants and a 40% increase in dealing with lawns and seeding.

Draw upon tips from the experts at Garden SOS before savagely attacking your harmonious honeysuckle with a scythe.

Grand Designs

We couldn’t create a list of home improvement programmes in the UK without drawing upon the one and only Grand Designs. Kevin McCloud, the long-standing presenter, who is also qualified as a designer, has somewhat of an affliction to bi-folding and bay windows.

This is the ideal show for someone looking to embark on a long-winded project. Viewers join at the intensive planning stage, dipping in and out of the groundwork phase, and then following the intensive periods of construction.

The beauty of Grand Designs for someone looking to follow a similar journey is that it doesn’t airbrush the complexities that come when renovating your house, offering a realistic depiction of the issues. McCloud will often touch base with homeowners when things have gone catastrophically wrong.

George Clark’s Amazing Spaces

Got the perfect place but unsure what to do with it? George Clark is your man.

Admittedly, this show is as much about the wow factor as it is about home improvement — being able to look on in awe of what certain people have turned their houses into. Expect kitchens to slide out from the wall, bathtubs to appear from under the floorboards, and beds to descend from the ceiling.

One thing lockdown has given us is considerably more time in the house. Working from home has tasked many of us with setting up working spaces, double screens, and a separate life for both professionalism and family life. What better way to get inspiration for the utilisation of your home space than from the people who’ve did it so well it has been described as amazing.


The opportunities are endless when it comes to home improvement shows here in Britain. Take a look at these as a starter and decide what exactly it is you are after!



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