Trump’s National Security Adviser Wants You To Forget He Spread Fake News


Gen. Mike Flynn, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for national security counselor, has unobtrusively erased a tweet that connected to a fake news story spreading outlandish paranoid fears about Trump’s presidential opponent Hillary Clinton.

On Nov. 2, Flynn tweeted a story referencing Clinton’s asserted “sex violations.” The tweet increased restored consideration a week ago, as it looked like an alternate conservative fear inspired notion that guaranteed Clinton and her battle executive John Podesta were running a youngster sex trafficking operation at a Washington, D.C., pizzeria.

In any case, CNN found Wednesday that the tweet was erased. As indicated by chronicled adaptations of the tweet, it creates the impression that Flynn erased the tweet at some point on Monday.

Flynn, who exhorted Trump on national security amid his battle, much of the time offers fake news via web-based networking media. He likewise utilizes Twitter to spread Islamophobia, saying that “dread of Muslims is sound.”

In 2014, he was constrained out of his occupation as executive of the Defense Intelligence Agency for making dubious remarks and conflicting with the Obama organization on the most proficient method to battle fear mongering. And, after its all said and done, he frequently neglected actualities. As per the New York Times, representatives who worked with him at the Pentagon regularly alluded to his thoughts as “Flynn certainties,” since he construct them in light of misrepresentations, such as guaranteeing that Sharia law was on the ascent in the U.S.

Flynn’s child, Michael Flynn Jr., was discharged from Trump’s move group a week ago in the wake of keeping on selling the “Pizzagate” fear inspired notion, even after a shooter assaulted the well known D.C. eatery since he said he expected to “self-explore” the ridiculous assertions.

Flynn is not the principal conservative figure to clean proof of advancing paranoid notions. Alex Jones, of the conservative site InfoWars, which frequently declares such stories, has allegedly expelled a video about Pizzagate from his site, after a FBI criminal objection uncovered that the shooter in a week ago’s occurrence educated of the paranoid notion on the site and sent the video to a companion before the episode

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