Tricks To Make Your Smile Brighter


Having a bright, dazzling smile can make or break our look and our confidence. For those who are self-conscious about their teeth, they might find themselves keeping their mouth closed when they smile or even not smiling at all.

Our natural teeth are not actually supposed to be bright white strips, but this is what many people are used to now, which is why more and more people are looking for tips and tricks as to how to make their smile brighter.

This piece will offer you some ideas on how you can make your smile appear brighter with minimal effort!

Self-Tan Your Face 

If you are particularly pale, you might find that your features fade into the background or end up looking murky colors. Eye bags are more prominent under lighter skin, and teeth can also appear much more yellow, depending on your skin’s undertone.

If you need a quick tip to brighten up your teeth instantly, then fake tanning can be an excellent fix. The healthy color contrast between your skin and your teeth helps make your teeth appear brighter without you having to even touch them! Just make sure to blend your tan well and only go up a shade or two if you do not want a dramatic change. 

The Right Tone of Lip Color

Did you know that different undertones of lip color will make your teeth have a different tinge? For those who favor orange and yellow-toned red and pink lipsticks, you will find that your teeth can look much more yellow with a warm base. This also goes for really light and pale lipsticks as well. However, if you opt for lip colors that have a purple or blue undertone underneath the base color, this can help bring out the cooler tones in your teeth, making them appear brighter and whiter! 

Use a Straw 

Asking the average person to give up coffee and wine will not go down well, even if they are in the pursuit of a brighter smile. A more realistic approach will be to use a straw if you consider drinking liquids known to stain. This can be coffee, cola, or red wine. Using a straw helps direct the liquid away from the tooth to go straight down the throat, minimizing the contact that staining beverages have with the teeth. If you have been an avid coffee drinker for years but want to start afresh with the straw technique, then consider a whitening procedure from a trusted dentist such as Enhanced Dental Studios Hope Island to get your teeth back to basics. 

Alternatively, if you do not want to use a straw, then drinking plain water after every dark beverage can help wash away any residue on your teeth. 

These are just a few non-damaging tips and tricks you can use to brighten your smile, but always consult with your dentist if you want whitening dental treatments or to use chemicals. 

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