Travel Touchups: Easy Make Up on the Go


It is inevitable that after a few hours of traveling, the makeup starts to melt off. Every woman encounters the problem of Cosmetic Products getting away after a certain period of time. Face gets greasy and you have to do retouch to stay top of your appearance. There are some ways which can help you to do your makeup easily even when you are traveling. You can perfect your look in less time which makes a huge difference.

Here 8 ways, you can easily look good even on the go:

  • Save Heavy Stuff for Later

It is important to keep you skin hydrated all the time when you are moving. But heavy Skin Care Products can leave your face greasy. Try out some gel-based moisturizer which absorbs and dries out quickly. Apply a stick concealer in required places and then blend it with a light lotion to cover it.

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  • Tone Down Breakout

If you are having some breakout all over your face you need to cover that. Apply some eye drop on the cotton swab and directly apply on the pimple for few seconds to cut the redness quickly. Dab the area tissue to absorb remaining moisture. Apply a light concealer layer to cover the area further.

  • Stick to the Cream Makeup

Cream makeup doesn’t require too much blending like the powder makeup. With less brushes, your make up can be completed. Cream products can fit in your purse for some quick touch-ups when you are traveling. Use the smaller brush to get more control.

  • Help Your Makeup Work Overtime

Wear makeup that can last longer. Apply some light foundation to lips and fill the lips with lip liner. Complete the look with lipstick. Extend the eye-shadow life by applying some powder over your eye-lids first. It prevents streaks.

  • Hide Dark Circles

If there are blue tones then neutralize it with some apricot colored primer or concealer. A light eye-shadow will lessen the effects of dark circles. The puffiness under your eye can reflect light if you cover it up. Apply a concealer that will match your skin tone. Add a coat of mascara on your lashes to look awake and full of energy.

  • Fast Fix a Smudge

If you apply the creamy concealer with your finger instead of a brush, it will easily break down the pigment and it will easily blend out. It is even easier than washing off the mascara flub.

  • Apply the Liner on the Go

Across your upper lashes add a stroke of eyeliner. It will not only define your lashes, your tired eyes will also perk up. To apply steadily and smoothly over your eyelids, you must rest your pinkie on your nose tip.

  • Stop Static Quickly

When you are traveling continuously, the friction caused by headrest of your lengthy transportation can affect havoc on your strands. To get your frizz under control, you can massage some a small drop of hand cream in your palms and can run them over lightly on your hair.

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