Top Ways Your Body is Telling You That You’re Stressed


In the era of the Internet, we always have to be present. It’s easy to get a hold of people now, simply give their social media a ring and they’re expected to answer regardless of what they’re doing. This has led to higher cases of stress and overworking. After all, we can’t escape (or take a break) from matters like work or school anymore. Work-life balance has been disrupted as well.

However, not everyone recognizes the human body’s distinct language of saying that it’s stressed and needs a break. Working hard and to your limits is something that’s encouraged in our world today, but that in itself should be treated with a grain of salt. We should take care of ourselves first and foremost. But for those who’re not familiar with the body’s tell-tale signs of stress, here are a few.

You’re Always Fatigued

Being constantly tired and fatigued is also a sign of being over-stressed. Add in adrenal insufficiency, it can result in feeling horrible pangs of tiredness and body aches. Along with treatment for adrenal fatigue, it’s best to also limit your caffeine and processed sugar intake. Eating regular meals and getting adequate rest is also very much encouraged.

You Keep Forgetting Things

If you find yourself constantly forgetting simple things, like where you put your trinkets or whether you turned off the stove it’s not because you’re losing your mind. You’re probably too stressed that it’s beginning to manifest in psychological ways. Being stressed can result in a lack of difficulty focusing, and knowing when to scale back the things you’re supposed to do helps in this scenario.

Learn to say no to more tasks when you’re already forgetting your current ones and always remember to take a break. Being forgetful can be a sign of stress, and it’s definitely not something that should be ignored.

Your Stomach Keeps Churning

You might think the brain and the stomach are very different organs, but they’re more related than you think. Studies have shown that the brain and the guts are indeed connected. And that if you’re too stressed, it can manifest in your digestive system as well. If your stomach is constantly rumbling and you’re beginning to have digestive issues, stop what you’re doing and ask yourself: do I have too much on my plate?

Chances are if you didn’t eat anything bad yesterday or within the day, then you’re probably tired and in need of a break. Learn to listen to your body’s little complaints like these, you’ll soon prevent major breakdowns and disruptive episodes this way.

Bad Sleeping Patterns

Finding it difficult to sleep or always feeling sleepy (or even feeling sleepy but finding it difficult to sleep) can also be signs of stress. Finding it difficult to fall asleep at night is relatively known to be an indicator of stress, but finding yourself sleepy all the time can be something more serious. Stress can most definitely lead to depression or anxiety, and if you find yourself sleeping too much, consider visiting a mental health professional. It’s best to take preventive measures rather than recuperative ones, and this is one of those.

Lowered Immune System

Interestingly enough, being sickly and prone to illnesses is another sign of stress. And when you do get sick, you discover that you don’t recover as fast as you once used to. Stress affects our hormones, which in turn, affects our biology. Being stressed is like constantly being on the defensive, and your immune system takes a beating as well. That’s why whenever you feel stressed, it’s best to take precautionary measures, such as taking vitamins and minerals and exercising. It doesn’t just boost your immune system but it makes you feel better too.

Constant and Strong Headaches

Migraines and strong headaches normally accompany stress. However, not many people acknowledge or even realize the connection. Many people are predisposed to have headaches, leading them to believe it’s just another dizzy spell but this predisposition might also be a warning system. So if you’re experiencing more frequent headaches than your usual, then that might be your body telling you to take a break.

Stress is something that we have to deal with in life. It cannot be completely eradicated. It can be avoided or reduced, yes, but the goal isn’t to avoid it completely. The goal is to be able to manage your stress better and to recognize when you need a break. Get the help you need, whether it be visiting a mental health professional or going to a doctor. Or maybe even a vacation! Whatever it is, if it helps, go for it.

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