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Top Ten Biggest Bank Robberies in the World

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There is no doubt that bank robberies were in the past common occurrences in where a lot of money and other valuables were stolen. There are however some robberies that were and are still unbelievable owing to sums of money involved. Below are top ten biggest robberies in the world.

1.Central Bank of Iraq Robbery, 2003

When coalition forces were about to start bombing the city of Baghdad, Saddam Hussein sent his son Qusay with a note to Central Bank of Iraq to make a withdrawal on his behalf. In an operation that took five hours, Qusay carried way US$1 billion stashed in boxes. Although $650 million was later found hidden in a wall at one of Saddam’s palaces, $350 million has never been accounted for.

2.City Bonds Robbery, UK

This is probably the second biggest bank robbery that the world has ever witnessed. Once John Goddard was employed by Sheppard Brokers as a messenger. Part of his job was to deliver Bank of England bearer treasury bills from banks and building societies. It happened one day in May 1990 that he was mugged along one London streets at knife point. He lost a cool £292 million. Only £2 million bills were later recovered.

3.Boston Museum Robbery, USA

Two men dressed in police uniform went to Boston Museum in March 1990. They easily convinced guards at the gate that there was a disturbance in the museum and their service was required. The two spent several minutes in the museum collecting valuable pieces that were later estimated to be worth $300 million.biggest robberies in the world

4.Baghdad Bank Robbery, 2007

Employees of Baghdad Bank one day in 2007 reported to work only to find all doors wide open. A look at the vault revealed that all the $282 million they had left in there the previous day was all gone. It is generally believed that three guards who on night duty were responsible since they have never been traced.

5.Knigtsbridge Safe Security Deposit Center Robbery, UK

After committing over 50 armed robberies in Italy, Valerio Viccei relocated to thee UK in 1986. He however did not stop his evil ways. He went to Knightsbridge Safe Security Deposit Center where he asked to rent a Safe Deposit Box. On being allowed in, he quickly subdued the manager and guards on duty before posting a sign at the entry indicating that the center was temporarily closed. He spent several hours plundering safe boxes before escaping with a cool $174 million.

6.British Bank of Middle East Robbery, Lebanon, 1970

1970s saw struggle by PLO for a Palestine State and the group was literary at war mainly with Israel. As one way of financing its war activities, a section of PLO members resorted to robbing banks and their largest robbery was in 1970 when they robbed British Bank of Middle East in Lebanon of a cool £25 million in gold and $100 in other currencies and stocks.

7.Schiphol Airport Robbery, 2005

A few days to February 25th 2005, four men Schiphol Airport and stole a KLM cargo truck and KLM uniforms. This was part of their planning. They came back to the airport on 25th and since they wore KLM uniforms, they found it very easy to command a KLM truck carrying uncut diamond that was estimated to be worth $118 million.

8.United California Bank Robbery, 1972

$30 million was no doubt a lot of money way back in 1972. A group of seven men all hailing from Ohio under the leadership of one Amil Dinso broke into the above bank and looted the amount from the bank’s vault.

9.Antwerp Diamond Center Robbery, 2003

Antwerp in Belgium is known to be home to about 90% of uncut diamonds from across the world. A group of thieves led by one Leonardo Notarbartolo became very clever that they posed as diamond merchants. The group set up meetings with the center’s authorities. The group eventually found their way into the vault, carrying away 123 safe deposit boxes full of diamond estimated then to have a value of $100 million, which has never been found even though Leonardo was later arrested.

10.Harry Winston Robbery (Paris), 2008

Four men who were fully armed entered into this up market jewelry store dressed in wigs and women’s’ clothing. They ended up carrying away jewelry worth €10 million.

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