Top Spots for Installing Home Surveillance Cameras to Ensure Maximum Security


Installing a home surveillance security system that delivers the feed via the cloud is easily the best way of being reassured that your home and your precious belonging are safe from a variety of threats like burglars and disasters like fire or flood. However, even if you have got the system installed properly, your surveillance system is only as good as the coverage it provides. A quick look at the top spots that should never be left uncovered:

Front Door

As amazing as it may seem, it is estimated that more than a third of all burglars use the front door to gain entry to your house. You should, therefore, place a camera to cover the front door to get as wide an angle as possible and from a spot that’s out of reach. If you have no other option but to place it on the ground floor, do try and secure it inside a strong mesh cage so that it can’t be put out of order by a burglar. A peephole camera is also very useful in figuring out who’s at the door before you open it.

Back Door and Side Doors

The back doors, as well as the side doors, are also very vulnerable points allowing easy access to unwelcome visitors. Ensure that your security camera installation Philadelphia Company provides a camera to cover each door; try to mount it as high as possible so that it is out of reach. It is important to buy cameras that are not only weatherproof but also have night vision to prevent burglars from using the dark of the night to their advantage. It can help to use systems that have audio capabilities as well as optical zoom so that you can monitor more effectively.

Windows Not Facing the Street

Placing the surveillance cameras to cover the rear windows can be very handy for spotting intruders trying to break in knowing that they can’t be seen by people passing by. Installing a wireless surveillance system with night vision that can be controlled remotely by monitoring the feed made available on the cloud can help you to keep better tabs on the rear windows of the house.

Side Gates and Backyard

The backyard is a very inviting place for thieves who want to steal stuff like kids’ bikes and lawn and garden equipment that can often be pretty expensive. Using a night vision camera along with floodlights that come on automatically when prompted by motion sensors is the best way of securing this vulnerability. Make sure that the side gate, if you have one, is also covered by the camera or install another one to cover that side. Placing a camera out of reach but very visibly can be a very effective deterrent to thieves who do not want to risk getting caught.


If you want to be confident that your surveillance system will be effective in protecting your home, you need to engage a professional security consultant who can advise you on the technology, the vulnerabilities, and the best camera setup. Buy the best-quality system you can afford so that you can rest easy.

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