Top Amenities Preferred by Today’s Condo Buyers


Real estate is becoming a popular commodity, not just for homeowners but also among investors. Owning lands and properties has turned into an asset class for investors looking to diversify their investment portfolios. These include real estate TIC (tenancy in common) properties that provide predictable monthly income.

With the rising trend in condo living, real estate developers are pulling all the stops by providing top-of-the-line amenities and figuring which ones are desirable and necessary for their prospective buyers. This article will talk about the top amenities in condo living and how you can provide the comfort and luxury condo buyers are seeking.

Outdoor space

If your condo space has limited square footage, you may want a place where you can relax, roam around, or simply enjoy nature. Condos that allow residents to step outside their homes and experience the outdoors are more appealing to condo buyers.

Any outdoor space that offers engaging activities best suits families who want the right balance between nature and an indoor lifestyle. Some even prioritize the quality of outdoor amenities, especially if the location is in the midst of an urban hub or business district.

Additional storage space

Since most condo spaces are significantly smaller than single-family homes, people often prefer an extra storage space for non-essential items. Although most families rely on multifunctional furniture to save space, additional storage is a big plus.

Fitness rooms

A fitness room in a condominium or any residential community is a bonus for health-conscious residents who want to sweat it out and stay fit without leaving the confines of their homes.

The best fitness rooms come with start-of-the-art workout equipment or even a spa facility for those who want to relax and destress. Plus points if you can offer other fitness and wellness amenities, such as an outdoor gym, steam rooms, basketball court, yoga studio, or other exercise classes. These amenities rank high among the most popular condo offerings since they allow residents to enjoy the convenience of not traveling far or paying for a membership to experience a healthy lifestyle.

Child-friendly areas

If a condo buyer has children or plans to build a family soon, it’s worth offering amenities to serve the younger residents. According to the American business magazine Fast Company, private playgrounds for kids are the latest factor in luxury condominiums.

Playgrounds, particularly in luxury buildings, include a custom-designed area with slides, water fountains, and rope bridges. They serve as an incentive for children to play outside without compromising their safety and security. A private playground becomes a luxury in cities with limited outdoor spaces, especially for families with little kids. This amenity is pretty common among real estate developers targeting families or young couples with kids.

For an added family-friendly appeal, condo buildings can also provide play areas and daycare facilities with community opportunities, interactive games, and rewarding group activities.

Proximity to shopping malls and other attractions

A condo might offer a variety of shops and services. Still, residents also prefer a location near malls, cinemas, restaurants, performance venues, and other attractions that appeal to the luxury-lovers and adventure seekers.

The best condos should capture the features and amenities preferred by buyers and the personality and atmosphere of the kind of lifestyle you can offer.

Big cities with family-friendly destinations are a great way to alleviate restlessness and boredom. Although they may feel a little overwhelming, condominiums in accessible districts with entertainment venues are a huge hit for residents with children.

Environmentally friendly spaces

Green living has become an increasing priority, particularly among eco-conscious condo buyers. Since buying a condo space doesn’t come cheap, buyers want to take advantage of opportunities for potential cost-saving, such as solar energy, energy-efficient appliances, and low-flow water fixtures.

Trees and plants help maintain residents’ health and wellbeing since they provide oxygen and fight air pollutants. When it comes to condo purchases, buyers know that limited living space keeps them from having their own yard. To bridge that gap, developers should allocate more common spaces, such as greeneries and gardens, to break the monotony of steel, wood, and cement around the condo.

Condos are a perfect picture of sophistication and elegance combined with numerous amenities that bring nothing but convenience. So if you’re planning to buy a condo, make sure to consider the price for the amenities included in the building. It is something that actually benefits your needs and lifestyle.

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