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Top 6 health benefits of oregano    

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Oregano is a common herb which is usually thought as a spice to enhance the taste of the food. However, in fact, this perennial herb has abundant health benefits that might not be recognized by many people. With scientific name is Origanum vulgare, oregano is originated from Eurasia and the Mediterranean area, oregano plays an important part of culinary as well as medication for centuries.

Oregano has boasted as a veritable cure – all herb for many diseases and conditions in traditional medications from Egypt to Australia. Indeed, there are a wide variety of potentially active properties in oregano which have been studied and investigated for the proper treatment and effect from this herb. You must have heard about oregano oil before which is one of the most effective and the best essential oil to utilize. Oregano oil is the oil extremely concentrated from the plant itself, which provide us abundant health benefits. In culinary aspects, oregano leaves can be added into the soup to enhance the flavor or added into some other meals like pasta, pizza and meat dishes to boost the taste as well. These are 6 amazing health benefits of oregano you can look over:

  1. Boost immune system

There are two different and significant components of oregano which are thymol and rosmarinic acid. Both of them are strong antioxidant ingredients that are closed associated to lowering the oxidative stress in the body. By adding oregano into your diet (just some sprinkles of oregano leaves will do), not only can you significantly boost your immune system but you also protect yourself from one of the most hazardous and silent killers like free radicals. They are one of the most destructive byproducts of cellular metabolism which can easily lead to cancer and many other terminal conditions, therefore, ensure that you add some oregano in your meal.

  1. Antibacterial Activity

Oregano also contain clear antibacterial compounds which can effective protect the body from various types of bacteria and virus which can cause many diseases to our guts, our skin as well as other parts of the body. Thanks to the appearance of thymol and carvacrol, oregano becomes a slightly regulating agent, which can easily raise the construction of white blood cells and support the metabolism, boost the recovery stage faster.

  1. Digestive Health

Oregano consists of fiber content so in spite of its tiny size, it possesses a greatly impact on your digestion. Fiber, as we know, is a significant element of a healthy digestion, since it is able to raise the bulk of your bowel and regulate the peristaltic motion, which will easily move food through the bowel and excretes it more efficiently. In addition, fiber also retains the gut’s health and improves nutrients absorption, therefore ensure that you will consume sufficient amount of oregano leaves. This one can be useful for IBS.

  1. Heart Health

There is a natural type of omega – 3 fatty acids in oregano which is a beneficial form of cholesterol therefore it is able to support your heart health, while omega – 6 fatty acids is negative cholesterol. Moreover, omega – 3 fatty acids will aid you in rebalancing your cholesterol amount in your body and decrease inflammation in the cardiovascular system, so it is able to prevent strokes, heart attacks and atherosclerosis.

  1. Detoxify the body

Oregano contains manganese, vitamin K, iron, calcium galore and many other organic components which enable it a useful herb to detoxify your body. Moreover, this nutritious herb also improve the liver’s functions and quicken the progress of toxin removing.

  1. Bone Health

Ensure that you will get sufficient minerals and vitamins in early times since we become older and older, our bones will be weaker. Some of the most significant minerals for the bone can be counted such as calcium, manganese and iron which enable it to be one of the greatest herb to protect people from osteoporosis.



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