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The term “Swiss Made” isn’t simply another trade goods label for an area of origin, however a lot of importantly a seal of approval and a mark of quality recognized worldwide. Today, quite half the overall of all luxury watches are from Switzerland. In terms of their acquisition, typically it’s simply a delicate distinction that distinguishes this cluster of watch makers from each other. this can be also typically why most of the people don’t create a call for or against a watch brand based mostly exclusively on a group of objective criteria however a lot of because of “soft” factors like the general public image that’s connected with a Swiss watch manufacturer Free Instagram followers and likes hack..
Even a lot of subjective is that the following list of the top ten Swiss watch brands. be part of us as we take you on a short trip to the epicenter of mechanical watchmaking. This journey won’t simply take us to the watch metropolis Geneva: a town that 2 of the foremost known and renowned brands call home. it’ll conjointly lead us to the less populated valleys of Switzerland, wherever there are nearly as several watchmakers as there are inhabitants.
1. Patek Philippe (Geneva)
When watch aficionados begin throwing around four-digit numbers, then you may be witnessing a discussion concerning the various Patek Philippe references. That being said, we’ve created our thanks to absolutely the high finish scale of the luxurious watch world and planning to end our list of the highest ten Swiss watch brands with the foremost prestigious of them all: Patek Philippe. Its references frequently accomplish record sums at the most important auction homes, wherever one of its watches will trade possession for a 2 figure million sum.
Along with its wealthy company history is an equally rigorous philosophy: constant quality standards apply to all or any of its watch models. Regardless if it’s a Grande Complication or “just” a Calatrava or Nautilus reference, the watch models from Patek Philippe type in our opinion the head of horologic creativity made in Switzerland.
2. Rolex (Geneva)
No list of the best Swiss watch brands is often complete while not Rolex and unsurprisingly, our next stop is Lake Geneva. To be a lot of precise: a tranquil community within the business and watch metropolis of Geneva.
Rolex’s automatic movements, made in keeping with the very best quality standards, are usually not too demanding and set about their business while not a hitch over several decades. quite a dozen of its models is enshrined for posterity within the Watch Hall of Fame and it’s forever focused on making correct and extremely strong watches with long qualities. If it’s up to Rolex, everything else is secondary.
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3. Breguet (L’Orient)
Another celebrated Swiss watch complete conjointly calls it home here: one that carries the heritage of maybe the best watchmaking genius in history into the current day. We’re talking about abraham louis Breguet and therefore the company named when him.
Hardly the other Swiss watch complete embodies the long tradition of Switzerland’s watchmaking craft like Breguet. within the half of the 18th century, it had been already wide considered the foremost celebrated of all watchmakers and marie antoinette and napoleon bonaparte belonged among its clientele’s numbers.
4. Jaeger-LeCoultre (Le Sentier)
On serene days, once the sun is high enough within the sky before it slowly descends westward behind the Jura mountain massif, it gets extremely heat in le Sentier. The near city of le Brassus is set a 1,000 metres higher than water level and simply high enough, that the heat of the sun isn’t diminished by the cooling of the omnipresent mountain.
In short: Jaeger-LeCoultre may be a producer with heart and soul, perpetually seeking total perfection in a very continuous and endless method. Its styles compared to alternative top-notch brands may typically be a lot of on the plain facet. However, an exception to the present is that the terribly detail wealthy classic Reverso in art deco style.
5. Blancpain (Le Brassus)
After a brief half an hour drive, we’ve reached future destination on our list. wherever time seems to tick a small amount a lot of slowly than everywhere else: nearly sort of a mechanical watch before it involves a stop. We’re talking concerning the Vallée DE Joux, called the depression of watches and the rural counterpart to Germany’s Glashütte.
Jean-Claude Biver, these days CEO of TAG Heuer, was ultimately answerable for respiratory contemporary life into the tradition based mostly Swiss watch company and returning it to the road of success within the 1990s. Today, Blancpain is counted among the main production players within the business with model classics like the Fifty Fathoms further because the Villeret.

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