Top 5 Reasons to Visit Alleppey


Alleppey is one of the significant and picturesque beautiful cities of South India situated in Kerala. The city is fully connected by numerous lakes and canals. The exciting activities of this city mostly attract the travelers from all over the world. A small vacation on Alleppey may give you a mental tranquility.

One houseboat rode in the backwaters of Alleppey and having lunch on banana leaves will give you a unique adventurous feeling. One of the most glorious things of this city is the invention of Ayurveda. So this city is considered as the source of exciting activities. The cascading coconut trees on the never ending road enhances its natural beauty. Some important reasons are described here to visit Alleppey.

1. Backwaters Surrounding By Greeny Land

Backwaters are the exceptional beauty of Alleppey. As the city consists of lakes and canals, riding on houseboats in backwater is the main captivating moment for travelers.  The whole night cruising on houseboats gives an adventurous feeling. It feels like paradise when travellers see a view of greeny land, the view of sunset, and a lighthouse from houseboats.

Once upon a time, the backwater was the means of communication of Alleppey. So cultivation, fishing in backwater are the main occupations of local people. So not only for natural beauty, backwater is important for economic progression. People mostly visit this city in the time of Aranmula Snake Boat Race.

Alleppey Backwaters

2. Amazing Alleppey Beach

Another point of attractions of Alleppey is its beach. Spending holidays by wandering on the beach gives travelers an amusing feeling. This would be the appropriate place to get rid of scorching summer. A date or honeymoon with your partner in Alleppey beach will give you an everlasting memory. Taking rest under palm trees is a pleasant feeling.

Walking on the white sands of Alleppey’s beaches will adrift you. Scuffling into many people can give you a fuller feeling than solo travelling. Many travelers gather on the beach during the time of the sand art festival. The Nehru Trophy Boat Race is another activity of Alleppey Beach.

Alleppey Beach

3. Different Bird Sanctuary

Watching birds is always a mesmerizing thing for people. Travelling in Alleppey will give you an opportunity to watch a variety of birds. Different types of bird sanctuaries are the most alluring things for travelers. Two important bird sanctuaries of Alleppey are – Vembanad Bird Sanctuary, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. They are one of the best bird reservations of India. Variety of birds appear here at different times. Owls, Black Drongo, Myna, Kingfisher, cuckoos, Siberian Crane, herons, etc. unique, beautiful birds can be found here. Travelers, who are fond of watching birds, Alleppey would be the best destination for them. Capturing the activities of birds in Alleppey is a favourite activity of the photographers.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

4. Delicacies Food Items

Apart from the elegant natural beauty of Alleppey, the city is also renowned for a variety of delicacies and food items. Also, the city is famous for sea foods. So this is one the favourite destinations for foodie people. One of the great restaurants of Alleppey is Cassia. The restaurant is famous for some special, rare cuisine. Pizza, Appams, Malayalee Paratha, meatcrab, burger, idly, dosa, Karimeen curry, etc. are some toothsome dishes of Alleppey. Travelers sometimes fall for fishing here temporarily and cooking some of them will give them another enjoyment during the Alleppey trip.

Alleppey Food.jpg

5. Visiting Temples and Churches

Alleppey is undoubtedly one of the favourite places for theistic people, many people come here for pilgrimage. Ambalapuzha Temple is a famous Krishna temple here, another name of this temple is Dwarka. Bhagavathy temple and Nagaraja Temple are one of the famous pilgrimage spots. The place is famous not only for Hindu pilgrimage, many Churches are also situated here, like – St. Mary’s Church, Latin Catholic Church, St. Andrew’s Florence Church, etc.

Alleppey Temple

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