Top 2 Themes That Will Add a Fun Quotient to Your Wedding Reception


Wedding is never complete without food, drinks, or dance; in short, a gala party. Therefore, after the auspicious ceremony, you should throw a grand reception. Nowadays, everyone is after theme parties, be it birthdays or weddings. So, if you want your reception to be the talk of the town for years, it is better that you choose an interesting theme. However, before you do that, decide on the venue. You should look for a place that is not just accessible to everybody or is spacious enough to accommodate so many people, but also one that can beautifully bring out the chosen theme for your wedding reception.

Host your reception party in one of the reception halls in Houston because these are not only big and spacious but will also provide decoration, catering, and entertainment services that further help in bringing the theme alive in your reception party.  Having said that, you must also not forget about things like limousine and valet parking services because these are conveniences that you should provide your guests with. So here we have two fabulous ideas for your wedding reception theme. Take a look.

A Red Party Theme– Red is the color of love. And since you are about to begin your new life with the love of your life, a theme as beautiful as this, can be a great choice for a wedding reception. You can set a red dress code for all the guests and have the venue decked up in red and white streamers and balloons. Most of the professional and inexpensive wedding venues in Houston TX have a team to work out the decorations for you, according to the theme.  So, you can hire such a venue for your reception party.  You can include red drapes and a red lighting theme to further set the mood for your party.

Since everything around you will be red, you can ask them to use a contrasting table cover like silver or white. To make the ambience more romantic, you could also use crystal or glass vases with red roses in it. And having a reputed venue in hand that can provide all the aforementioned services and more is certainly a bonus.

Iconic Love Stories Theme– Is your love story the much talked about one in your circle just like the iconic pairs we read about? Then, without any further discussion, you should pick this idea for your reception party. And the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about iconic love stories is Romeo and Juliet. You can bet on it that this theme will gather a lot of interest amongst your guests and will keep it buzzing for weeks. You can even set up the famous Romeo and Juliet balcony just for fun and turn it into a photo booth so that people can take several Instagram-worthy selfies in it.

To keep the magic alive, you can even incorporate table linens and table skirts. You could finish it off by putting scented candles on top of every table to give out a romantic candle-light effect. The walls can be adorned with purple and gold brocade ribbons and to go that extra mile, you can even ask them to bring in some realistic fake doves that will help to elevate the idea of romance in a much bigger way. For the food, try to take some inspiration from old school romance and stick to a menu like that. If you choose a venue that also offers catering services, you can sit together and decide on a delicious menu together. As no party is complete without good music so you can ask the team to arrange some iconic love songs so that everyone can dance romantically with their partners! All said and done, if you make a plan, no one can stop your reception from becoming the talk of the town.

So, go ahead and pick any one of these two themes. Let your wedding reception party speak for itself.

Author Bio: James Smith is a popular event manager and a regular blogger on writing about inexpensive wedding venues in Houston TX. Here, he writes about the top two wedding reception themes. Follow his blogs to know more.

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