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Top 10 Questions Asked When Purchasing Modular Laboratory Equipment

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In the event that you work in a medical or research lab, then you will be aware of the immense importance of modular lab equipment and how they are essential to the successful functioning of a laboratory. It is important to be careful when you are procuring lab equipment because these are quite expensive and crucial for your lab research and experiments. In this article, you will learn about 10 such essential questions which you must ask your supplier when you buy modular lab equipment. This information will help you to make your purchase more worthwhile.

  • Is your supplier good: Your supplier’s reputation should be good? HE should be experienced in this field.
  • Is your equipment from branded manufacturers: branded manufacturers will offer better quality products so buy from them?
  • Are their spare parts available: Does your equipment have readily available spare parts?
  • What are the prices offered: Check from numerous sources the prices of your lab equipment to get a tentative idea about the right price?
  • What is the customer care service procedure: If you ever were to face any issues with your lab equipment then you should be able to contact the customer care helpline and seek assistance. So, you should check to see if the company provides good customer care service for their lab equipment. You can check online reviews for this purpose.
  • What are the guarantees offered: You should ask your supplier about the guarantee which the lab equipment have. Since, these are expensive equipment so they must have some guarantee from the manufacturer vouching for it. So you should get equipment which have a minimum warranty of five years.
  • How will you clean and maintain your equipment: Cleaning and maintenance of your lab equipment will ensure its longevity and productivity. So, you should learn the exact procedure for dismantling and cleaning all your lab equipment and their components. This will make your work more efficient.
  • How should you choose your equipment: There are several different types of lab equipment available in the market? You should choose lab equipment which are suited for your particular use and requirements. You can do this by first assessing the exact type of projects and experiments which would be done in your lab and then select the lab equipment based on that information.
  • Is the equipment ergonomic: Lab equipment need to be ergonomic and easy to handle. Ergonomic lab equipment will increase the efficiency of your lab and increase productivity. So you must buy equipment which are ergonomic.
  • Are there any possibilities for future upgradations: Technology has been making a lot of advances in the recent few years and hence, the equipment you buy today an easily become obsolete in the near future if you are not able to upgrade them properly. So always check the provisions given in your equipment to facilitate customisation and future up gradations.

The questions and answers mentioned in this article will help you to choose your modular lab equipment in a more comfortable manner. You can get lab equipment from both online and offline suppliers but online suppliers will provide you with more good deals and discounts.

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