Tongxiang Longcheng Announces Availability Of UPVC Granules & PVC Particles


Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, China, January 20, 2018 –Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co.,Ltd can supply all kinds of PVC granules and particles that are suitable for manufacturing hard and flexible plastic products with smooth surface and greater tensile strengths. According to the company spokesperson, they have an extensive experience in modifying PVC compounds and can customize the specifications as per client’s requests.

The UPVC granule that the company produces is suitable for manufacturing plastic pipes and fittings, windows, doors and other products. They can customize the color of the UPVC granules for companies to manufacture products in different colors. The spokesperson reveals that the benefit of windows and doors made of UPVC granules that they keep the home cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. The UPVC granules are fast becoming a preferable building material and Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co.,Ltd can supply these granules in any quantity throughout the year.

The company also excels in producing and supplying PVC particles to be used for making a number of products. They can supply extrusion grade transparent particles that are preferred for plastic products and applications with a clear profile. The spokesperson states that they supply PVC transparent particles that meet RoHS, ASTM and other international class quality standards. The particles are suitable for the production of quality goods that exhibit good hardness, excellent tensile strength and impact strength.

Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co.,Ltd is a reputed supplier of the flexible PVC compound both for the domestic and international clients, engaged in the manufacturing of plastic products. The clear and flexible PVC compound supplied by the company is mainly used in making slippers, transparent shoes, rain boots and other such products. The compound is non-toxic and eco-friendly without any bad odor or smell. With an excellent transparency, the clear PVC ground can give products an outstanding shining and durability. The compound has an exceptional tearing strength and tensile strength that increases its application areas.

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