Tire Rotation- Why and How to rotate your car’s tires?


Tire rotation that is periodically repositioning your vehicle’s tires in specific patterns from front to back or side to side, is a crucial element of maintaining tires. Interestingly, as a vehicle owner, tire rotation is an integral part of free service provided by the dealership. However, the main problem arises when you aren’t entitled to avail any free service. In usual cases, vehicle owners often forget to rotate their tires that can pose many problems in the future. Tire rotation means changing the position of each of the tires on your vehicle. After every 5000 miles, it is imperative to opt for tire rotation. With Spring tire rotation service, you can now rotate your vehicle’s tires without any difficulties.

Importance of Tire Rotation for modern-day vehicles

There exists many reasons why tire rotation is a crucial element of your standard tire care. By rotating your tires routinely, wear is spread evenly across all four tires and the tread life is prolonged. This is because each specific position of your vehicle requires a different give from each tire. For instance, the tires located on the front of your vehicle would consume a larger proportion of friction and torque.

Also, the front tires endure a lot of acceleration and braking which makes them prone to wear and tear. Tire rotation services usually advise you to rotate tires after 5000 miles. Moreover, even the tread wear keeps the depth on the tires uniform. This would help keep traction and handling consistent across all the four tires.    

Utilizing the tire rotation pattern

Always remember that the tire rotation pattern depends heavily on your vehicle. Also, it depends on the type of tire you are using. Vehicle owners often tend to forget that not all tires are of the same size especially when you have replaced them before 5000 miles. In case you have a spare which is full-sized, you should make sure that it is also rotated so that the tread marks are equal. Rearward cross and X-Pattern are some of the popular tire rotation techniques deployed by tire rotation services. In case of rearward cross, both the rear axle tires can move directly forward to the front axle while the spare tire moves to the right side of the rear axle.

Issues faced by owners while rotating the spare tire

There are some old car maintenance guides which suggest that vehicle owners should rotate their spare tire to give the used tires a respite. However, the main issue with this issue is that this advice is that most modern-day tires aren’t designed for extended driving. They are often smaller in size which adds to the woes of the car owners. However, the high-end cars do come with matching spare tires. In case you are facing difficulties with your spare tire rotation, you can always consult tire rotation Spring.

Let’s hope that the things as mentioned above would help you to rotate tires efficiently. In case of any issues, you can opt for tire rotation services.

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