Tips for Finding the Right Accommodation for You in Australia


Nearly everyone travels with a budget, most of which goes towards accommodation. Australia is no exception. In fact, finding accommodation is the most expensive thing you will do on your trip to the great Down Under. It’s strongly advised to set a budget aside just for finding accommodation before you leave. With the right budget, you will have better picks among the price range you seek. With that in mind, check out these following tips for finding good accommodation deals in Australia:

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Find Speciality Accommodation to Save Money

Do you want to visit an Australian vineyard on your trip? Then why not combine your stay at a hotel located on a vineyard like the Mornington Peninsula accommodation. You will be able toexplore the vineyard without extra transportation or entrance fees. Likewise, try to find speciality accommodation that combines some of the activities you want to do with room and board. For example, if you want to enjoy wildlife safaris, stay at a hotel that arranges safari tours at a discounted rate or for free. You can find such speciality accommodation online.

Call the Hotel Directly

If you like a hotel you see online, call the hotel directly the old-fashioned way to make a booking without a middleman like an aggregator site. You will be able to find a decent rate and perhaps enjoy perks you don’t always see listed online. If you are unsure about a price, you can inquire directly from the hotel. Also, it may best to contact hotels directly during busy seasons to get rates. The listings you see online for busy seasons may not reflect actual prices or availability.

House Sit

Don’t want to spend a lot of money on a hotel or a room? Then consider house sitting. This is a widely available option for metropolitan areas. Most of the time, house sitting in Australia for a short period means looking after a cat or a dog while the owners are away. So while you won’t have to pay, there may be other responsibilities that you cannot neglect while you are vacationing. House sitting is a great option for those who don’t like small cramped spaces in hotels.

Couch Surf Smartly

These days you can easily use an online service like Airbnb to couch surf while travelling without paying for accommodation. However, you should be careful when choosing room and board in this manner. Make sure you read reviews and stay with a host who is safe. Also, check the address on Google Maps or a similar service. Make sure the place you are staying at is actually close to the attractions you want to discover. When you are not familiar with an area, it’s easy to end up couch surfing at the wrong address.

You can also consider planning your visit during the “shoulder season”. The “shoulder season” is a term Aussie travel agents use to refer to the time in-between the tourist seasons and low-key seasons. People usually don’t travel to Australia during seasons when the weather is going to be bad. But the weather in these shoulder seasons is mixed, so you can still explore areas with only minor inconveniences. Hotel prices during these seasons are typically low and availability levels are high.

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