Tips for extending the life expectancy of your entry mats


Even if your mats are of high quality, you can still prolong their life. Our Classic Solutions Entrance Mats page will show you that there are many styles, types, and colors of mats. These are some great tips to keep your mats looking great.

Keep Your Website Clean

Different mats have specific cleaning instructions. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Some mats may be machine washed, others can be hosed off.

Dirty mats make a mess. Make sure to have several mats available that you can swap out so that, if one mat is stained or wet you can take it off and replace it immediately with a clean one.

Make sure to wash the mats once they are clean. Don’t save mats that have become stained and put them away for six months. It will be much more difficult to clean them.

Let the They Dry Before Storing Them

Remember to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some mats can be dried in commercial dryers. Plush Carpet exit mats are one example of an entry mat that can be washed in the washer/dryer. Other mats should be laid flat for drying. The clean mats should be left to dry completely before being put away.

Rotate them in Place

Your mats should be rotated when they are laid down. The mats can wear faster on one side than on the other. Keep your mats evenly worn.

Store These Things Neatly

If you don’t use your mats, make sure to assign them a storage area and store them properly. Mats that can be stored gently and well will last a lot longer than those that are constantly being pushed over by forklifts.

You should buy Classic Solutions Entrance Mats as they look good, protect the floor underneath, water, dirt, or other debris is not tracked through the premises, they prevent slips, trips, falls, which pose serious health and business risk.

Purchase beautiful mats and do all you can to preserve them. A stained or worn-out mat will reflect poorly on your company. Your mats should solve problems instead of creating them. Mats that have been well taken care of will last a lifetime.

There are many choices. Whatever your preference, let us help to choose the best commercial mats. Do you still have questions? Are you unsure what you need or want to know more? Contact ultimate mat easily and we’ll be glad to assist you. You can contact us at or by email at if you need more information.

Types of doormats available for your home

When buying a mat for the door, there are three things to look at material and shape.

Door Mats are made of different materials

Doormat makers are becoming more aware of the growing interest in jute doormats. Also, doormats made out of rubber are often seen. Another type of doormat is one that is made of a mixture of carpet and rubber.

Doormat shapes

These rectangular doormats are the most used. This is because two feet are easily accommodated within the mat’s rectangular dimensions. Some people prefer an oval-shaped entrance mat. In some homes, you might even find a doormat shaped like a Star.

Doormats – Surface

The majority of people don’t mind if the doormats are plain or not. However, some people care deeply about how the doormat looks. These people are just as much about how their doormat blends in with the decor of their home as they do the sofa and wallpaper. They may even ask for a mat to match the carpet if it is located inside the entryway to their living rooms. A doormat with a picture on it is likely to be requested by them. Prints with the words Welcome’ are the most popular. Other popular letterings for doormats include Step In’ and Home Sweet Home. You can request a customized mat and get a small quotation.

A great option for doormats is motifs. You can choose among animals (e.g. you have the option to choose between animals, such as cats or dogs, birds in motion, trees, and floral motifs. You can also opt to have the design stenciled.

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