Three Of The Most Breathtaking Cities In Croatia


Croatia is a land resplendent in beauty and treasured history. There is no other place where this unspoilt Balkan beauty is more aptly captured than its coastal cities. It is rich in attractive sandy shores and beautiful sandy islands. The following are the three most beautiful seaside cities in Croatia.


Split is the largest coastal city, and it is located right in the middle of the Dalmatian Coast. This amazing city boasts of sites like the Cathedral of St. Domnius, and the breath-taking ancient ruins of the palace of Emperor Diocletian. Many derive pleasure from visiting and shopping at the daily subterranean market. There is also a vibrant fish market located right in the center of the town which draws an impressive number of visitors for its uniqueness. The city offers excellent Bosnian cooking styles, and many visits it to sample authentic culinary pleasures.

A must go place in Split is the Bacvice beach, which is much beloved by the inhabitants of this city. It is renowned for being the home of the Dalmatian sport of ‘picigin’, a water sport that incorporates elements of acrobatics, and which the more agile visitors get a lot of fun playing. ‘Bacvice’ is beloved not only as a family friendly beach but also as a social hub that has a café-packed pavilion to the east.



Located on a protected harbor, the coastal city of Sibenik in Croatia serves as the gateway to the Krka National Park and to the Kornati Islands. Sibenik is connected to the open sea via the St. Anthony’s Channel. The entry to this channel is guarded by the strong fortification of St. Nicholas’ fortress. The Cathedral of St. James is an important monument that has been recognized by UNESCO in the World Heritage Sites List. It is made entirely of stone, without the use of wood or binding plaster. Other important landmarks in Sibenik include the ‘Four Water-Wells’, which is close to the cathedral, four fortresses, six monasteries and twenty-four churches. The real estate Sibenik flourishes in this unique surrounding that comprises of a breath-taking archipelago of 242 islands, islets and reefs. There are only ten settlements on the archipelago, mostly inhabited by divers. Many guests take part in the International Children’s Festival a tourist tradition that is observed in the city.



For the lover of Croatian culture, Zadar is a great place to visit. The city is on a peninsula, with water surrounding it on three sides. A favorite place for visitors is the outdoor museum, the Forum, which features an 11th-century church and Roman ruins. Another good place to visit is the Zadar Museum next to St. Mary’s Church, which features works of art made of precious metal. The renowned Sea Organ is a unique feature of this town. Many tourists get pleasure from listening to its tune day and night. Locals rent out apartments at affordable rates in the range of 30 dollars and 50 dollars per night for two.

Indeed, the above sweeping coastal cities of Croatia are some of the most beautiful places to add to one’s itinerary.

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