The World’s Best and Biggest Leagues Dominating Sports


As any sports betting fan will tell you, professional sports is a global business today. Sports games and tournaments draw huge crowds, not just in person but online and watching on TV too. Some leagues have taken over to become multi-billion-dollar businesses – these are some of the world’s best and biggest leagues dominating sports. 

Major Soccer League (MSL)

Soccer, or more commonly known as Football around the world, is one of the most popular sports across the globe with millions of people tuning in to watch matches and placing bets, whether avid bettors or those that do it for a bit of excitement, using MSL consensus picks to help you, it is a beloved part of watching the sport.

Premier League Football 

For English and Welsh football fans, the Premier League earns over $5 billion in revenue and is a prestigious tournament that both professional and semi-professional teams take part in. The league was formerly known as the League of Wales, but it underwent a name change as part of a sponsorship and is now the Welsh Premier League.  

Nippon Professional Baseball 

The Nippon Professional Baseball league, which is a Japanese baseball league, reached its 70th season in 2020 and draws incredible crowds in Japan. The league is worth over $1.1 billion today. The season runs from March to early November and sees 12 teams battle it out for victory. Baseball is a popular sport in Japan, and this is the top league for athletes. 

Ligue 1 

The first tier football league for France, Ligue 1 involves a total of 20 teams in the league, including 545 players, 252 of which are not native to France or Monaco. Saint-Etienne is a ten-time record-holding championship team in this league, while Paris Saint-Germain are the current title holders. Ligue 1 is worth over $1.5 billion and remains one of the most prestigious titles for football fans. 

National Hockey League (NHL) 

As one of the highest-earning sports in the world, the NHL is a huge business. Hockey generates more revenue today than ever before, showing no signs of stopping, and it’s now worth close to $4 billion. 

National Basketball Association (NBA)

As any American will tell you, the love for basketball is alive and well – not just in the US but elsewhere in the world too. In fact, it’s a sport that generates around $8 billion in revenue across the 30 teams. When the NBA released the final figures for profit for the industry, the figure was close to $5 billion and it’s a figure that keeps on rising, season after season. 

Major League Baseball (MLB) 

It’s no surprise that Major League Baseball is one of the top leagues, both in popularity and in profit, for US fans and for sports enthusiasts elsewhere in the world. It’s the official American pastime and it’s an industry that’s now worth well over $10 billion a year. 

National League Football (NFL)

The biggest league in sports, the NFL reportedly generated over $13 billion in revenue and is the largest sports organisation in the world – as well as one of the most popular. Some teams in the NFL are valued at over a billion in themselves, and with game attendance and televised games, this particular sport is one of the highest revenue-generating sports on a global scale. 


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