The Ultimate Hotel Experience at Home


It’s fair to say that by now, all of us are yearning for the smell of freshly washed pressed Egyptian cotton feather filled pillows, cotton bed sheets, and some high-quality room service

Well, you are by no means alone with this. When lockdown was announced on March 23rd, the luxury of hotel visits was taken away. There aren’t many better feelings in life than packing up our suitcases and heading away for a hotel break, even if it’s just for one night.

On average, us Brits spend around 10 months asleep in hotel rooms throughout our adult life, forking out £62,000 to do so. To say we love our hotel experiences would be an understatement.

Since now hotel rooms remain vacant and spas are out of use, the Stirling Highland Hotel, along with the Angel Hotel, have put together a guide on how to continue the hotel lifestyle but from the comfort of your own home.

Hotel Standard Bedrooms

Although the pool and food service might be admirable, the ultimate success of the hotel all relies on the quality of the bedroom.

A well decorated bedside table can be utilised perfectly, transforming your bedroom from a measly five and a half into a solid nine. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a divine ambience.

To transform your bedroom from a measly five and a half into a solid nine, a vase with fresh, colourful flowers will not only provide a beautiful aroma, but also brighten up your setting too. Flowers with a high pollen count such as lilies, however, are best avoided. Instead, opt for garden roses or hyacinths, flora which projects subtle scents.

Instead, swap the flowers for a slow-burning candle if flowers aren’t quite your style. We recommend using a gentle scented alternative, with some citrus and floral scents becoming slightly overbearing. As for the sheets, you’ll need a top-quality crisp cotton percale.

Ironed with DIY linen spray that can be made easy with a few splashes of vodka and some essential oils after having freshly washed and pressed sheets, can help you get an amazing nights sleep. Implementing the triple sheeting technique is also recommended, which hotels use all around the globe. By using two high quality sheets and a soft blanket to top, you can achieve that crisp, clean feel that hotel room beds create so well.

After your long soak in the tub, add a cherry on top of the cake by selecting your favourite magazines to place on top of the dressing table to peruse afterwards.

Stunning Spa Bathrooms

For many of us, Spas are the main reason we visit hotels. What a glorious feeling it is to emerge from a jacuzzi and be able to relax with a glass of prosecco in your thick white bath robe — second to none, eh?

Although you might not be able to do the exact same at home, you can still make use of the tub you have at your disposal.

The first port of call should be a spotless clean. Once the bathroom is glistening you need to turn your attention to the various products that’ll be enough to allow your mind to float off to times of tranquillity.

To help take you back to your special place, muscle soak for the bath and lavender scents are certainly a starting point. Turn your phone onto airplane mode and relax with your favourite music.

Transforming Your Garden

Although it is unlikely you will have acres of free land to roam in, you can still make the most of what you have and transform your outdoor area into something Alan Titchmarsh would be proud of. By purchasing a cheap set of deck chairs and an outdoor dining table, lighting the barbecue and dusting down the cocktail shaker, you can truly embrace the sense of hotel luxury.

To add the colour necessary to replicate the botanical garden style typically found in hotels, purchasing a few plants from your nearest supermarket can add exactly that. Shut your eyes, embrace in the sunshine (if there is any), and you could easily forget that you aren’t in fact sat at home.


Whose to say you can’t enjoy yourself just because lockdown is preventing you from a night’s stay at your favourite hotel or lodge? Follow these simple tips from Cairn and you’ll fill a void left empty and in no time you’ll be back basking in that all-important pampering!

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