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The Good & The Bad of UFC Fight Night 157

With the UFC Fight Night 157 recently concluded in the month of August, a lot has happened at the event so as to make a distinction between the Good and the Bad which happened in Shenzhen for UFC fans.

The latest UFC News updates show that now UFC finally has a face in China, and it can now attract a huge crowd in China which will provide a big rise in the business of Mixed Martial Arts for the company. Overall, the investment that was made by UFC in China has turned out to be successful for the company.

Also, a big moment to rejoice was also given to the Chinese people who have a good background in different martial arts by their roots. Now that Weili Zhang has won a championship from Jessica Andrade at the same event, she has become the first ever Chinese champion in UFC. This has opened the doors to the entry of UFC in China which has a marketplace of more than 1.5 billion people.

As the UFC is struggling hard to keep up its dominant nature in the industry of Mixed Martial Arts, sooner or later they had to move to China. However, UFC has already had a presence in Asia and that’s because of countries like Singapore and Japan opening their gates for the company sooner than China. But now with China, UFC has a presence in Southeast and East Asia completely.

The most important things that the fans and the experts at the game won’t like is the manner in which Jessica was defeated. She was made to travel halfway around the world to a different time zone, and was exposed to a completely different food and culture before she entered her fight into the Octagon.

It’s not that the losers at the event have lost it all, but there’s a lot they can achieve in the days to come given that things go as planned for them.

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