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The Five Must-Haves for Assisted Living Facilities

There are many factors to consider when looking for an assisted living facility. One of the most important is what services they provide. For example, do you need help with housekeeping or personal care? Do you need access to an on-site assisted living facility? Do they offer any kind of rehabilitation services? Are there other amenities like a daycare, library, or fitness center?

This article will take you through the five must-haves that should be present in your assisted living facility.

1) Socialization opportunities

Many assisted living facilities have social activities planned out for residents to attend, but you want to make sure exactly what activities are on offer. Activities such as arts and crafts, yoga, and playing cards are examples of activities offered in such facilities. The staff need to know how to interact with the residents so they can have a social life.

2) Housekeeping assistance

There’s no way around it, assisted living facilities have a lot of housekeeping work. It’s not just your average cleaning chores; there are things like turning a bed and more extensive cleaning that needs to be done as well. You want to make sure they aren’t relying on the residents to clean their own rooms because that could be too much for them. So make sure the facility hires or uses volunteers to help out with housekeeping duties.

3) Assist with daily living

This means the assisted care facility needs to be able to assist you with your daily living tasks, including toileting, bathing, and assistance with eating if necessary. This isn’t necessary for every resident, but you want to make sure the facility covers it, just in case.

4) Personal care assistance

You don’t want to be stuck in a facility that doesn’t provide any personal care assistance. This is really important for physical and mental health as personal care helps with preventing bedsores and more. It’s one of the most valuable services that an assisted living facility can provide.

5) Healthcare services

The very last thing you want is for your loved one to be in a facility that doesn’t have access to healthcare services. You should make sure that the facility would be able to help provide health care services, such as medication management, physical therapy, memory care, and more.

Webster Groves assisted living is a good example of a community that offers all of the above and much more. The town of Webster Grove has been described as one of the best places in the U.S. for raising a family. It also boasts a large number of residents living in assisted living facilities. This is because the city has preserved its history, kept the village small, and has allowed for growth around the historic district.

This should help as a template for the type of location suitable for you or your elderly relatives. For the vast majority of people, the idea of receiving some kind of assistance in their home is a nice thought. The reality, however, is that most still live at home and are dependent on their families and caregivers for basic support and daily care. That’s why assisted living facilities are so popular.

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