The Coveted Certification in Big Data Analytics


The IT industry is flourishing at a rocket fast speed which signifies that the golden age for this sector has begun and is on a spree of creating countless opportunities for tech geeks. New technology is taking off every now and then, giving a chance to IT professionals to come out of their comfort zone and enter a new field and these days, the popular choice of the sector for tech geniuses is – Big Data.

A plethora of ways have come up to store and process enormous volumes of data and organizations have become familiar with methodologies that can enable them to extract information out of gigantic data sets. Hence, they are on a hunt for well-read candidates who are competent enough to manage massive quantities of data and pull out helpful insights.

This trending domain is embracing dexterous IT people on one condition which is – They must have talent. And, what is the main indicator of someone’s talent?

Relevant certifications are considered to be the best evidence of the competence, skills, and knowledge of professionals and as luck would have it, there is a myriad of big data certifications out there that can help people become Certified Big Data Professionals and establish a successful career in the hottest field of this era. Have a look at the best Big Data Certifications in the market.

  1. CCA administrator certification

This certification is a perfect communicative program that enables you to showcase your core system as well as cluster administrator skills for the deployment of Cloudera in your enterprise. The program requires you to make in-depth research on the big data subject and provides you with an opportunity to show proof of your expertise to employers globally.

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IBM certified solution advisor — Big Data & analytics v1

This is a top-grade certification for professionals who want to acquire crystal clear concepts with respect to big data and analytics. By pursuing this program, one gains the capacity to identify the data needs of their organization and offer them with relevant solutions.

The skills that you shall get to learn through this big data certification program are related to architectures, big data and analytics processes, design principles along with maturity and adoption models.

  1. Certified analytics professional

One of the most coveted Big Data certifications present in the marketplace, CAP needs you to already have a certain level of knowledge about big data to be eligible for this program. The aim of this course is to impart skills with connection to a multitude of elements relevant to the analytics process. A few topics that CAP encircles are:

  • Model construction
  • Methodology selection
  • Lifecycle management
  • Business problems
  • Framing analytics
  1. Senior Big Data Analyst

A product of the eminent Data Science Council of America, Senior Big Data Analyst is a vendor-neutral certification that is fulfilling the aspirations of people wanting to become certified Big Data Professionals. It has been specially contrived for business analysts and market researchers looking for a suitable pathway that could take them into the sphere of Big Data Analytics. This pertinent credential bestows you with the confirmation that you are a well-rounded professional capable of taking up critical roles in this industry.

  1. EMC data scientist associate

Acquiring this certification is an n indicator that you are geared up to become a valuable member of the data science community. This program has been framed to transit the knowledge related to creating statistical models, choosing appropriate data visualization, deploying suitable data analytics lifecycle, examining large data sets with the help of analytics tools as well as techniques.

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